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Full Version: Ford Mondeo Mk3 Advice
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[color="#FF0000"][size="4"][font="Arial Black"][/font][/size][/color]Hi everyone, i made up my mind to buy a mk3 diesel mondeo, as i now have a baby and want sumthing good and reliable. Was thinking of a 2002 2 litre diesel, but i would like sum help, whats difference between a tdci and a tddi and is there anything i should be looking for on them. Also what are the specs of them, e.g bhp, how many gears, Mpg, comfort etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
hi, never worked on a tddi but i wouldnt recommmend the tdci. usual faults are turbo, injectors, dual mass flywheel. all very expensive stuff. how about a focus petrol?
[quote name='jimmy182' timestamp='1311975076' post='137902']
hi, never worked on a tddi but i wouldnt recommmend the tdci. usual faults are turbo, injectors, dual mass flywheel. all very expensive stuff. how about a focus petrol?
hey jimmy thanks for reply, i had a focus petrol b4 was nice car but thats when i had money and petrol was alot cheaper,i want sumthing big safe and comfortable but has to be diesel aswell.
the tddi is less refined than the tdci common rail,with a 2.0 tdci you will get around 130bhp,but some of the common faults are

some of the common faults are,

injectors - the delphi injectors are not the most reliable and often loose there code or pack up all togeather so look for black smoke

aux belt - this can start to vibrate,you have to replace the belt and pulleys to cure, sound like a drumming noise on tickover

egr valve - these can become choked and give out fault codes, its a simple job to clean but a messy one

intercooler hose - these can split creating black smoke and a flat spot at around 1800rpm, its the big hose from the bottom of the egr valve

alloy wheels - these can flake because of the brake dust eating into them

any kind of rattle or noise from the clutch area could be a failing DMF at around 800 to replace not cheap

starter problems is also another sign of a failing dmf as the swarf blocks up the starter

and because of the weight of the engine front tyres will not last much more than 14000 miles.

sounds like its not as good a car as i thought??! thanks for the info i appreciate it. and i presume the tddi wouldn have quite as much problems but less power etc?
Andy B
dont be put off Foxypa

i have a st TDCi the injectors are only a problem if the car has done less then 60.000 miles they usually go around then 2006 onwards didnt have this problem

Egr is an easy clean out if it needs done (not all need done) up to 2005 models have a vacume on e which is the better on e to have 55 plate on wards have an electonic one

tyres are not a problem i have not replaced any of my tyres anymore the any other car i have owned

no starter problems ( my mates own st tdci's too and havent had these problems)

st models are the only ones with flaking alloys due to them being diamond cut just get them powder coated problem solved

buy the TDCi 155 engine better engine than the 130 less probems with more power and touque and belevie me its quick
jobs required on my 06 2.0 tdci owned from 6 months old,3000 miles.and now sold!

alloys flaked at 18 months old, ford did not want to know because they were trim
aux belt kit fitted due to failing tensioner
four injectors fitted because of no low load fuel delivery at37 months,ford had looked at this three times but it took a delphi agent to sort out.
plus bits and bobs,ford will do anything to get out of warranty work,but as with all cars you get a good one or a bad one. i got a bad one!
Andy B
yeah just bad luck mintalkin mines is pretty good so far lol

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