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Full Version: New Fusion Owner
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Great site and although I am a newbie here, I have been active on both a Mondeo and Ka forum for years. We just bought a 2002 Fusion 2 for the wife to replace the rotting Ka and I am very impressed with it. Trouble is we are the 6th owners of the car from new and it only has the service book included from the original pack. I need to know the correct tyre pressures (size is 195/60/15) and a 4500RDS radio code as back up in case the battery needs disconnecting at some point in the future (serial number M081744).

I have scoured the web for a pdf copy but to no avail, and we don't have 20-odd to spend on ones from eBay (as we have 3 small mouths to feed).

Can anyone help please? I have my fingers crossed!

Many thanks (?)

Hi Chris.
The Tyre pressures for the 195/60/15 are (Normal Load) Front 2bar / 29 lbf/Sq in. Rear 1.8bar / 26 lbf/Sq in
(Full load) Front 2.5bar / 36 lbf/Sq in. Rear 2.8bar / 41 lbf/Sq in

If you bought the car from a Ford dealer go back and insist on a Handbook as it is an essential part of the car for operating and maintaining it safely-make some noise if they refuse, especially if there are customers buying when you are there,thats what I did.
For the life of me I cannot understand why someone would remove the handbook from the car in the first place!!.

Sorry I cannot help you with the radio code but the garage may be able to help you,if not there are some good posts about this issue if you look at previous pages.
Thanks for the tyre pressures NTech, as I am doing a 60 mile round trip to Manchester with the family in the morning so this will help. We bought the car from an independent trader so getting a book from them is a no-go unfortunately. Will the book from a 2006 car be the same as the 2002 version? If so there's one for 13.50 on a certain auction site at the moment. I've had my trusty local mechanic give it a proper going-over and he tells me all is fine so I'll just have to pray someone can help with the radio code (my local Ford dealers aren't the most helpful bunch..) but as I won't be disconnecting the battery anytime soon it isn't a priority.

Thanks again,


Ok, had the car a couple of weeks now and the clutch is slipping in 2nd and 3rd if we try and accelerate hard. The car was sold to us with a 3 month warranty which I'm pretty sure doesn't include the clutch but I think I can use the "fit for purpose" angle to get some money back towards the repairs. I did this with an old Escort about 9 years ago towards the Cat which failed a month after I bought it.

I am going to get some quotes before going back to them, just wondering if anyone had any wise words on the subject!
[quote name='Gooders1978' timestamp='1312013221' post='137926']
a 4500RDS radio code as back up in case the battery needs disconnecting at some point in the future (serial number M081744).


0773 is the Radio Code.
Thanks Skyman114 that's great! ;)
The Handbook from a 2006 model will be much the same as the handbook I have is for a 2009 model and my Fusion is 2003 and the variations are minimal.

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