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Full Version: Car Park Scrapes
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Don’t you hate it when you go shopping and you park your car in a safe place (in the corner of the store car park, so far you almost have to catch a bus to the store) and then you come back and your car has been scratched?? Or on your return you find a half empty car park and someone in an old beat up car parked next to you? You think to yourself, why park there and not in the other thousand spaces availale? GRR LOL

Just another one, I was in my local asda not long ago, when I came some kind s..t had somehow put a nice big dent and scuff in my n/s/r quarter panel right on the wheel arch. As usual nobody had seen anything and no notes had been left with any kind of apology. I even checked with asda for their cctv, and was informed that their cctv camera wasnt working, so tuff. So im not a happy person at all.

Oh and my car was parked in a mother and child space. So had adaquite enough room for people to get their cars in and out, yet whoever it was still managed to hit my car
It's the most annoying thing, and some people just don't seem to care about knocking their door into someone's car.

I was parked yesterday in Morrisons and was waiting for my mate to finish work, and in front of me some woman opens her door into the car next to her, and holds it there while she gets out, most likely leaving a good little knock in the door. It seems one of the hardest things to avoid, it could have easily been me.

The best thing you could do to avoid it is park out of the way in the corner, you end up walking further but most people nowadays are lazy and park as close to the entrance as they can.
Agreed! I tend to open the door, and being skinny its beneficial, so I get out, put my hand on the edge of my door and at least I have something between them, Otherwise I have a demister pad, if I'm trying to get the little one out, I put a demister pad between mine and the car next to me, so if the car does end up opening to far, it doesnt hit their car and leave a dent, it just presses against the pad...

...Shame others dont do the same!
Andy B
Parking spaces are getting smaller these days i park in child and parent when i can even when i dont have the kids with me or over 2 spaces which i know is bad but better than a dent
Tut Tut AndyB!!! lol, I know where your coming from, but I tend to find that people are much more likely to part over two spaces next to those particular folk and still seen someone dent a car as they were both occuping 4 spaces, and just swung their doors open care free!
I've had the same problem to days ago. I stopped at my local Tesco for some groceries and when I came back there was a nasty scratch on the right of the bumper covered in white paint. And I bought my car two weeks ago with a perfect paint job. I was in the store for no more than 15 minutes the space on my right side was empty and someone still managed to park for 10 minutes and scratch my dear bumper. :(
It wouldnt surprise me if they hit your car and then drove off immediately after...
Had a few nightmares. Late at night double parked in ASDA in an empty car park to see some smart so and so has squeezed into the half bay i had left. Don't no how they got out as i had to climb over from pass side!

Just the other week, get insurance on my Mum's BM for a week. While sitting in it eating an ice cream the car next is doing the same. Next thing BANG, the women in the back has opened her door right onto mine. I got out and she just walked away as if nothing had happened. She had chipped the paint but informed me there was no way on this earth it was her as she didn't bang it hard enough. I has to ASK her for an apology.

People these days :lol:
I would have taken her registration, she admitted to hitting it but "not that hard" - thats an admission she hit the car :)
Didn't think it would;d be really worthwhile taken it further. Was just after an apology really, which was even tricky to get :lol:
Some people don't have respect these days i always rember comeing out of asda one night to find some stupid women resting her trolley on my car :angry: so i said do you mind getting your trolley of my car her reply was your car is a shed anyway. Telling yeh i could of killed her so i said that my shed and if i wanted your opinion i would of asked for it.

New one my fiesta some idiot has scratched my door and put a little dent in it looks like a trolley that done it.
In instances like that I would tell push her trolley and rest it on her own car... see how she likes it then!
had the same thing on my new 59 plate,second time at morrisons and came back to an 8 inch trolly scrape along the back bumper, the worst thing is, if you sit in the car while the other half is shopping and watch the way people struggle to get into spaces, it make you wonder how they ever passed their test and you would never ever park in a supermarket car park again !
[quote name='mintalkin' timestamp='1312834304' post='139207']
had the same thing on my new 59 plate,second time at morrisons and came back to an 8 inch trolly scrape along the back bumper, the worst thing is, if you sit in the car while the other half is shopping and watch the way people struggle to get into spaces, it make you wonder how they ever passed their test and you would never ever park in a supermarket car park again !

LOL! That's true actually, you get to witness a lot of bad driving in car parks. The worst is people driving around in first gear with the engine at 5000RPM, change bloomin' gear!

I'm a right old git when I park, my mates take the micky and say I have 'Parking OCD' lol because it takes me a while to find a space I like the look of, and then when I find one I dilly dally around shunting the car until I'm perfect :D

Nah, I'm not that bad! But I think being a little over cautious is better than just not paying enough attention.
I was in a large sainsbury.. parked where no one else was and the car park half empty. i came back and a car next to me - despite loads and loads of empty spaces.. and i am slim but had to really squeeze to get in my own car.. why on earth did the selfish idiot do that!!!!!!!

i couldnt see any scratches but took their number plate in case

makes me so mad - no need for it when a whole car park there
I always try to park out of the way with no other cars around me. What annoys me is when you come back to the car and find two old bangers parked either side of you, in an empty car park, why do they do it!! :o :blink: :angry:

Went in to Tesco to buy a packet of fags, so was only gone 5 mins, came back to the car and found a mark on the door. Not happy, car was only a week old at the time.

Now I try to park next to a good car, somthing that looks well looked after. That way they won't want to bash their door into mine. Seems to work so far!
haha, I agree, I am the sort of person who will park in a space that might be the only one left in the carpark, and I will take the number plates of the car parked next to me as a precaution. This is more relevant when I had to visit the hospital - last parking space and the fool had park on the white line, meaning I had to let the wife and baby out the car, then park up next to him. Took his details as my gut was telling me that they cant park right so they wont be gentle with mine on getting back in, Surprisingly, I came out to find nothing and their car had gone, but I have been parked before and watched someone swing their 4x4 door straight into mine.

I had his number plate so reported it to the police, but with "insufficient evidence" they wouldnt do a thing...

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