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Full Version: 96 Fiesta Air Filter Permanently Clogged Up
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Hi, i have a 1996 1.4 Fiesta and im having problems with the air filter getting clogged up with gunk, it comes down from the breather pipe that runs from the oil filler cap to the air filter box, have changed all the parts in the past and the same thing just happens again, i must have the only car in the world that leaks oil from the air filter. Anyone else had this problem or knows how to sort it out would be greatly appreciated,
sounds like the car has blocked P.C.V valve.
And what is that sorry? Also is it easy/cheap to replace? Thanks.
Just found out what is is on google, easy to replace?
sounds to me like the pcv valve is stuck open.

Its a little plastic one way valve that allows the engine to breathe by letting out combustion gases. I had to replace one on my last car (focus) and the valve only cost about a fiver, if that.
If you follow the breather hose from the airbox, you will find the valve.
I have looked around my engine for where the PCV valve was located it but couldn't see but i just read on another forum that its located in the oil filler cap, which i guess might be true as mine has breathers coming off it, one from the air box. Any ideas if this is true? It is an Endura E engine.
if its under the filler cap there will be a flame trap made up of wire gauze and also a PCV valve. sometimes they have the PCV valve inside the air cleaner housing.It looks like a little flat rubber mushroom.
Yep thats what its like, i've got a new one from a car parts shop as Ford kept ordering me the wrong part, according to them the oil filler cap i have doesn't even exxist lol, i've fitted it so hopefully iy will be ok.

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