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Name all the cars that you have ever owned? Also note the ones you have loved?

95 N reg Citroen AX, 1.0 named Duncan (4 Gears! ha) that was a brilliant car, certainly the one I got most attached to (I suppose thats being down to "first love" of a car!)

54 reg Fiesta Finesse (MK6?) 1.25 petrol Named Gregory, a nice car, but never got too attached to it

55 reg Focus Zetec Climate 1.6TDCI named Frederick wonderful car, but a right pain in my a*se for all the bills, really liked the car, but without the bugs it would have been by far the best car ever, and I probably would have still had it!

10 plate Kia Cee'd "2" model, 1.6 Petrol - a wonderrful car, yet to be named. Sometimes forget its not the Focus, a brilliant drive, on par (dare I say marginely better?) drive quality to the Focus. So far Loving the car completely, miss the slightly bigger boot, but overall a fantastic and truely "reasonably priced car" - Definately Lovin' this car!
My first car was a 1996 MK1 Punto Sporting in white :D I loved that car and certainly got very attached to it, which as previous post said it's probably 'cos it was my first car. I may have still had it, but it was stolen which is a bitter memory :(

Second car I had was a MK2 Punto ELX in silver, was a great car for a year or so and I called her Polly. It failed the MOT badly on rust on most of floorpan, inner sills and even outer sills. After the MOT not only was I told it failed, but found loads of holes underneath which the MOT guy must have made. My welding buddy said it needs about £300 spending on plating and it needs new inner and possibly outer sills - decided to get rid for £150, but the car did me well mechanically which is very surprising. In the year I owned it all I needed to do was replace the coolant when it overheated due to a perished hose. I caught it before the headgasket blew.

My third and current car is my MK5 Fiesta 1.25 Freestyle, which is by far the best to drive than anything I have owned or any mates cars I've driven.
1998 vauxhall astra estate
1995 vauxhall cavalier
2002 ford focus lx estate

best of which was the cavalier. a breeze to work on and never had major issues with it and the only thing i had to get a garage to do was the handbrake cable.
1990 ford escort eclipse 1.3 Mark 4
1998 ford escort gti Mark 6
1998 ford escort si Mark 6

My first escort Mark 4 was so easy to work on and ran with out fault. The gti had so many problems . And my si is a great car so tight and sticks to the road like glue and is the best car and love put so many hours and money in to it
i owned a mk 3 fiesta, a mk 4 fiesta, a mk7 fiesta in white and a performance blue mk 7 s1600 fiesta with the mountune upgrade... yes all fiestas lol.
My current car is a mazda rx8, first non fiesta car i have had. I loved them all, even my 1l mk3 fiesta :)
This is most of the cars ive owned. 2 at the same time for quite a lot of the time. I also had around 10 motorbikes.

Sunbeam Imp
Ford Escort Mk1 1.3
Chrysler 180
Ford Corsair 2000E
Ford Cortina Mk3 1.6L
Hillman Imp
Ford Cortina Mk3 2000E
Audi 80GL
Ford Cortina Mk3 2000GXL
Audi 80GL Auto
Rover SD1 3500 Auto
Ford Capri Mk3 1.6GL
Ford Escort Van
MG Metro
Nissan Sylvia Turbo
Ford Sierra 2.0 Ghia
Mini 1000
Ford Escort Mk3 XR3I
Ford Fiesta Mk2 1.1L
Rover 800i
Audi Coupe 2.0GT Auto
Ford Sierra XR4X4 Ghia Estate
Honda Civic Aerodeck 2.0EXI Auto
Ford Sierra Sapphire 2.0 Ghia
Ford Mondeo Mk1 2.0GLX
Rover 800 Vitesse Sport Lux
VW Mk3 Golf Driver 1.8
Vauxhall Nova 1.1
Ford Focus 1.6LX
Mazda RX7 Series 2
Peugeot 405SRI
Rover 416
Renault Laguna 2.0
Mazda 323 1.8SE
Ford Escort Mk7 Cabriolet Calypso
Ford Ka
Ford Mondeo Mk3 2.0 Ghia
Alfa Romeo 2.0 TS Sportwagon
Ford Focus Estate 1.6 Style
Ford SportKA
Ford Focus Sport

I really like the latest Focus, the Alfa and the Silvia Turbo I owned best


The Toyota starlet was my first car, spent £7000 on Modifications :lol:

Still have the Nissan Almera 1.5 SXE bought it for the wife

But the focus 1.6TDCi is my very own and my favorite,
unfortunately the focus is in storage now for the moment and I'm back to the Almera and the Petrol prices :rolleyes:
Renault Clio 1.4 16v - 2001 - Probably the most fun to drive car I've owned, was like a little go-kart, but very unpracticle and build quality was something to be desired to be honest.
Peugeot 206 1.8 8v - 1998 - This gave me no-end of mechanical trouble, until finally the exhaust downpipes stapped off whilst I was driving and I had enough of it.
Ford Fiesta 1.4 16v - 2002 - The dullest car I've owned. Reliable & comfy, but slow and dull. :P
Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI - 2008 - Comfy, good chassis, good suspension & reliable - Best car so far. ;)
young fez
my 1st car was a orian 1.6inj ghia great car 2nd car was my best pug 309gti broke my heart when i sold it to pay for the wedding many years ago. 3rd was a citroen saxo vts but the worst car by a country mile was a citroen c2vts bag of crap problems all of the time,i drive a 1.6 tdci now very comfy and a good car.
kevin lancelott
Ford Escort mk 3 L
Renault 5 TC
Vauxhall Belmont Merit (crashed)
Vauxhall Belmont L
Ford Fiesta mk 3 LX
Ford Escort mk 5 L
Ford Fiesta mk 3 Freestyle
Ford Fiesta mk 5 Ghia
Ford Fiesta mk 6 Ghia
Ford Fiesta mk 6.5 Ghia
Ford Fiesta mk 7 Titanium

I think the two escorts I hated the most.The fiesta mk 3's LX and freestyle was nice cars.Then I started going for top of the range models and wont dip down again.
06-09 Ford Focus LX

09-Present Ford Focus Titanium
btmaldon!!! what a variety, kevin a good few choices, makes us mere folk who have only had a few cars look the odd ones out :roll eyes: lol. I am impressed though!
[quote name='jeebowhite' timestamp='1319547203' post='149877']
btmaldon!!! what a variety, kevin a good few choices, makes us mere folk who have only had a few cars look the odd ones out :roll eyes: lol. I am impressed though!
Back in the good old days when you could by a reasonable runner for a few hundred pound, you could afford to change your car every few months.

These days we buying cars for several thousand and have to keep them for a reasonable length of time. I am trying to resist buying another car until around 2015 when I hope to pay a lump of the mortgage off. I dont know if I can hold out that long though as I have never owned a car for more than two years.
[quote name='btmaldon' timestamp='1319571025' post='149961']
Back in the good old days when you could by a reasonable runner for a few hundred pound, you could afford to change your car every few months.[/quote]

Very true, I used to do it all the time, somtimes only having a car for a few weeks. If you look at the list of cars I have owned you will se what I mean! Heres the list:

1983 Vauxhall Nova 1.3 SR - First car ended up in ditch whoops!
1984 Vauxhall Nova 1.3 SR - Paid 100 quid for this after 4 garages couldn't get it going, changed carb running fine after!
1983 Vauxhall Astra 1.3 GL - This was given to me, used for a few weeks then used for spares then scrapped.
1982 Vauxhall Astra 1.6 SR - Paid 40 quid for this, was dumped in field for years. One plate of welding and Cv boot for the MOT
1982 BMW 320 - Picked this up cheap, used for 6 months, sold for over twice what I paid for it!
1984 Vauxhall Astra 1.3 L - Got for free, didn't really use it, lent to a mate and he crashed it.
1988 Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6 L
1989 Vauxhall Cavalier SRi - Sold it to a mate who wrote it off.
1986 Volvo 360 - Got for free with knackered engine, fitted new engine, used for a few weeks and sold on for a good profit.
1987 VW Scirocco GTX - Brought from a scrapyard, far too good to scrap, kept 6 months, sold for a profit.
1994 Fiat Punto 55 SX - worst car i've ever had, first and last fiat. Was pleased when the missus wrote it off.
1984 Ford Escort 1.3 GL - Got for free, an afternoon with the welder, and 40 quid parts, got me 12 months MOT.
1996 Ford Escort 1.3 Encore - First car brought from a garage!
2000 Ford Escort 1.8 TD - Did 80000 miles in this with only minor repairs. Had this for 4 years!
1989 Austin Metro GS - Paid 80 quid for this with a blown head gasket, fixed it, kept for 2 years as the missus car
2003 Vauxhall Vectra 2.0 DTI
1987 VW Golf GTI - Was a wreak when I got it, spent hours doing it up, sold on in the end.
1995 Ford Escort 1.3 Encore - Got dirt cheap as a second car
2003 Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCI - Brought cheap with knackered alternator and injector seals, was a great car after I fixed it.
2009 Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI - First brand new car, Had for over 2 years and so far faultless!

Out of that list the ones I miss the most are the Scirocco and the Astra 1.6 SR, both are rare on the roads nowadays.
Best car: 1996 Jaguar XJ Sovereign - just a fantastic car! Great to drive, great to look at, amazing power. Would still have it except for the cost of running it...

Worst car: 2005 Honda Civic 1.6 SE - terrible car. Faulty paint, leaked, slow, noisy, thirsty. Got a full refund from the dealer in the end!

Deep breath before the rest (in order of owning):

1988 Nissan Micra 1.0 SGL
1990 Ford Sierra 1.8 GLX
1986 Ford Escort XR3i
1992 Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6 GL
1996 Ford Escort 1.4 LX
1997 Ford Escort 1.4 LX
1997 Ford Escort 1.8 Si
1997 Ford Mondeo 2.5 Si
2000 Volkswagen Golf GT TDI
2001 Volkswagen Passat 2.0 Sport
2001 Ford Mondeo 2.5 Ghia X
2001 Vauxhall Vectra 1.8 SRI 130
1996 Jaguar XJ Sovereign
1999 Renault Laguna 2.0 Monaco
2002 Fiat Stilo 2.4 Abarth Selespeed
1997 Saab 900 2.0 S
1996 Mercedes Benz C220 Elegance
1999 Citroen Xantia 2.0HDi SX
2000 BMW 328i SE
2001 Volvo S60 2.0T SE
2001 Renault Laguna 1.8 Dynamique
2001 SEAT Leon Cupra
1996 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 Limited
2002 Renault Laguna 1.9DCi Dynamique
2000 BMW 320i Sport
1999 Ford Mondeo 2.0 Ghia X
2002 Nissan X-Trail 2.0TD SE
2000 Peugeot 406 1.8 SE
2002 Land Rover Freelander 2.0 TD4 GS
2007 Renault Megane 1.9DCi Dynamique
2004 Honda HR-V VTEC
2005 Honda Civic 1.6 SE
2006 Honda Civic 1.8 EX
2004 Volvo V50 1.8 SE
2005 Audi A4 2.0 TDi SE
2005 Land Rover Freelander 2.0 TD4 Adventurer
2011 Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI Titanium

So, you can see that I like to change my car often however it's an expensive "hobby" and hopefully a nice new Fiesta which is cheap to run and has all the toys will help me to kick the habit...


First car was a 56 plate 1.4 tdci fiesta I bought off my parents

Then I bought a 1974 Baja Beetle because I have wanted one for a long time and It just came up, needed to have it so I bought it


And now I have also bought a 57 plate 1.4 petrol fiesta .. which is my daily and my Baja is my toy, but I'm also turning my fiesta into a toy :)
First car was a blue ford fiesta zetec 1.3 mk5 modified 2000
Kia Shuma 1.6 2001
Toyota Avensis 1.8 1999
Kia Shuma 1.6 2001
Ford fiesta 1.2 1999 mk4
Renault Clio 1.2 1998
Now i have a Red Ford Fiesta 2002 1.4 zetec

The best car i had was my first car, could never fault it.
This is going to be the shortest list on here...

My first and only car, my Mk6 2008 (58) Fiesta 30th Anniversary Red :D Which i got for my birthday in summer 2010!
My first car was a '97 Fiat Punto SX (nicknamed Scrappy Doo!). With a 1.1 55bhp engine, it was no drivers car and would roll quite alarmingly round bends... but it was my first car and I will always have fond memories of it despite huuuuuge MOT bills and the fact it leaked oil constantly!

I scrapped that under the scrappage scheme for a 2009 Fiesta Zetec. My first brand new car and I absolutely loved it. Some jealous *!#& keyed it when it was three days old, but I had it fixed and although you can still see it (was quite a deep scratch), it never tainted my love for that car. Last year I sold it to my mum who's X-Type repair bill was more than the value of the car, so she replaced it with my Fiesta. She is enjoying it just as much as I did.

I now have a 2011 Focus, and it's a great car and I'm very happy with it, but I haven't bonded with it as much as with the Fez... probably because it's a bit more sensible and grown up!
[quote name='jimrex' timestamp='1328191538' post='164377']
My first car was a '97 Fiat Punto SX (nicknamed Scrappy Doo!). With a 1.1 55bhp engine, it was no drivers car and would roll quite alarmingly round bends... but it was my first car and I will always have fond memories of it despite huuuuuge MOT bills and the fact it leaked oil constantly!

The Punto really is a great little car, faults included it's great fun to drive. I really miss my MK2 Punto Sporting (which I called Polly) but that's probably like you because it was my first car and I don't think anything can compete with your first car.

It was a 1.2 (exactly the same cc as my Fiesta lol - 1242cc) 16v 'FIRE' engine and I think horsepower was around 85. But mine felt like it was putting out 20, it was a bit run down and beaten up on the edges, but I had that car for ages and totally loved it. I remember outside washing and cleaning every weekend, and any excuse to jump in and take it for a spin - these little Italian hatches really love being thrown around corners, the hottest MK1 Punto is the GT Turbo, I knew someone who had one and it was always breaking down. I think the 'hot' MK2 Punto was the HGT, around 135HP on a little lightweight car, surprisingly quick.

Anyhow I am rambling, but any excuse to chat about my beloved first car :rolleyes:
[quote name='Danny87' timestamp='1328200031' post='164397']
The Punto really is a great little car, faults included it's great fun to drive. I really miss my MK2 Punto Sporting (which I called Polly) but that's probably like you because it was my first car and I don't think anything can compete with your first car.

Mine was an absolute dog mate! Pretty much every electrical item was faulty at some point, one of the headlights needed a good 'whack' to come on, both doors had been broken into at some point in it's life with the old screwdriver in the lock trick, the question of "Will she start today?", leaky sunroof, if you brake and indicated at the same time the back lights would flash in all kinds of wierd ways, oil would come out just as fast as you poured it in, I could go on... I look back and see what a pain Fiat ownership was, but at the time I was smitten with an £800 car because it was MY car! There was no rust and the body was in pretty decent condition... broke my heart to scrap that loyal little hunk of junk, especially when I had to go back to the dealership a few days after picking up my Fez to sort some paperwork, and saw it being loaded onto a flat bed truck with some other scrappage scheme cars all heading off to be crushed :o

I am a full Ford convert now though.
Fiats seem really hit and miss in my experience. My father has had loads all throughout his life, way back to the time with the 126. He's never had any major issues, the only time he remembers (and me too, even though I was young) was when he owned a MK1 yellow Punto Sporting, and at 8k miles the headgasket went. Headgaskets and on newer Fiats the EPS seem to be common failure points. I covered around 30,000 miles in my Punto and apart from overheating once (caught before headgasket went pop) it was faultless and never let me down.

It seems we were in opposite positions. Yours was rust free and clean, but mechanically dead. Whereas my Punto was mechanically perfect but had a rotten floorpan and in the end went to the scrapyard in the sky when my welding buddy quoted me £300+ for welding to the inner sills and floorpan. It's funny how Fiat galvanized the arches and body, but left the roof and floor!


Edit: I am a Ford convert now too though, more of them around, easier to fix and parts are dead easy to come by (and cheap too!)
ok here goes, ive driven all sorts having been a used car salesman
best ive owned is the BMW coupe,
worse was the daewoo laganza
most impressed by is the ford ranger
ownedthe only other 2 memrable cars were the Omega MV6, which was a real beast with looks, and the MX5 which i spent over £9k on
but ive owned that i can recall
1987 opel kadette 1.3 ss (new)
1886 granada 2.0gl
1987 mazda 626
1984 citroen bx
1988 motego advantage
1980 ford capri 1.6
1995 ford escort (new)
1984 rover 213
1984 ford fiesta
1984 ford escort xr31
1998 fiat brava (new)
2001 ford focus (new)
1994 vauxhall calibra
1995 hyundi lantra
1996 ldv luton van
1997 vauxhall omega cdx
1998 daewoo laganza
1999 nissan primera
1999 omega MV6
2004 renault scenic (new)
1994 ford escort
1997 citroen xantia
1992 mazda mx5 modified
2007 mazda 5 sport (new)
1994 escort van
1996 toyota hiace van
2001 jaguar x-type sport
2011 BMW 1 series coupe 120d m sport (new)
2004 ford ranger
My first car was Fiat Uno 1992 year, second car that drives my dad is Ford C max 2005 year, and now Fiesta mk7 first models that came in to the ford saloons in croatia 1.25 16v
My first car was a vauxhall nova 1.2 flair or the Rick flair as i called it i loved that car it was in light blue with a yellow strip lowered big wheels the usual Lol I sold it to my cousin who drove into a guy pulling out ,I felt sick when i seen the pictures. Then I moved to a nova gsi in silver same again lowerd huge sub in the boot ecu remap that thing went like a stabed rat.. then i moved to a rover 216 coupe in charcoal.I covered over 150 k in that thing and it never let me down great car but very slow and it was like a whale in the corners so comfy mind.then i got my first Ford a mk1 focus 1.8 zetec in dark blue, I bought the car with 40000 on the clock and sold her with 165000 again apart from oil sparks a back box and two new shocks and a battery she passed every mot never failed to start hot or cold a fantastic car I was so sad to see her go.then i went back to a vauxhall an astra 1.6 turbo mk5 Sri in black that I think was my best car so fast I had the ecu remapped so she had 235bhp the down side was the fuel I was lucky to get mid 30s from it and the insurance was a group 16 even tho I'm 32 it still cost a fortune I sold her two weeks ago and I'm now back in another focus a 1.8tdci mk2.5 in black. again I love the car very comfy great to drive and I'm getting over 50mpg as i do 30000 miles a year It's the perfect tool for the job. I'm Defo thinkin about getting the car remaped mind and takein some of the guides from here to improve it.
1989ish ford siera xr4--------- amazing
1994 astra sr-------------------- not so amazing- lasted 30 miles after buying it
1997 rover coupe 1.6--------- was good to me this car
1998 ford escort GTI---------- never had a problem with this one, was heavily modded
1996 pug 306 2.0l cabby----- great exept roof didnt work and it was taken for being a cut and shut!
1999 vectra 2.5 v6 gsi-------- nothing but trouble. expensive repair costs too
1998 rover coupe 1.6--------- excellent
1999 volvo s40 2.0l :/--------- terrible mpg but it did have 255k on the clock
1998 BMW 320 coupe-------- decent enough
1996 whilliams clio------------- lots of fun indeed
1992 toyota celica------------- not as good as id hoped
1992 ford fiesta xr2i----------- so so so so much fun
1998 toyota avensis 2.0l----- comftable family car
1999 seat alhambra-----------absolut dog- only bought to sell
1998 pug 406D-----------------not pretty but good mpg
2002 fiat punto 1.2------------ again bought to sell
2000 ford focus 1.6 zetec---- Seems very good so far-fingers crossed

quite a varied selection for the past 7 year im sure ud agree

would love a Siera saphire cosworth..... maybe later in the year
1998 reg CitroŽn Saxon 1.1 - wrote off
1995 reg pug 106 1.0 - scrapped
1995 reg Ford Granada - repaired and sold
1998 reg Rover 214 - sold on
1998 reg rover 416 - sold on
2000 reg Ford Focus 2.0l ESP - gave back to brother
2000 reg Nissan Almera 1.5s - written off
2004 reg Ford Mondeo 2.0l tdci - got now

The Nissan almera was the most reliable. The focus was the best for giving beans and going round corners. Mondeo is the best for long drives and economy.
If we narrow it down to cars with four wheels (therefore excluding the rubbish Reliant three-wheeler I had in the 60's - nowhere near the only three wheeler I have owned) ! Taking an even longer deep breath (I will no doubt miss some out anyway and not necessarily in the right order) :

1962 Morris 1000 - Quite good in its day but rusted badly.
1960 VW Beetle - Love them or hate them. I loved it, very reliable.
1959 Morris Oxford - Good comfortable car.
1956 ? Ford Popular ("sit up and beg")- Quite a curiosity even in the 60's
1965 Mini 850 - Great car
1970 Mini 1000 traveller,just a minivan with windows, rattled too much
1971 Mini 1000 saloon - Great car
1972? Morris 1000 - bit of a curiosity by now.
1971 VW Beetle - Good but not quite as good as the earlier one.
1973? Wartburg Knight saloon,three cylinder two stroke - very underrated car.
1972 Fiat 127 - bit boring
1973 Vauxhall Viva - [b][u]easily the worst new car I have bought,needed new engine after 3 days[/u].[/b]
1971 NSU 1200TT - Great car.
1970 NSU1000 - ditto
1971 NSU1000 - ditto
1980 VW Golf Mk 1
19? classic Fiat 500 - something to play with !
[b]Company cars[/b]
[b]1977 - 2009[/b]
Chrysler Alpine 1 - Rattled quite a bit
Chrysler/Talbot Alpine 2
1.6L Ford Sierra#1 - liked it
2.0L Ford Sierra#2 - liked that too
VW Passat - a bit austere but ok.
Austin Montego - better than I expected but bits of trim kept falling off.
Vauxhall Cavalier#1 -not exciting but quite a good all-rounder
Vauxhall Cavalier#2 - ditto
Vauxhall Cavalier #3 - ditto
1997 Rover 400 1.6L - Quite a bit better than the pevious Vauxhalls, liked it a lot,bought it from my employer at 95,000 miles ,passed it on to my son and it covered 175,000 miles before selling it on.
2000 Rover45 1.8L Auto (CVT) -[u] [b]Best car I have ever had ![/b][/u]
2003 Rover 451.8L manual - almost as good
2006 Vauxhall Astra estate 1.6 'Easytronic' - Good workhorse but awful to drive and terrible detail cabin design !

[b]Back to my own cars after retiring:[/b]

Classic VW Beetle - great to tinker with.
New 2009 Ford Fiesta 1.6TDCI manual Titanium - one of the best cars I have driven but I missed the auto box !
Almost new (296 miles) 2009 Ford Fiesta 1.4 Auto Titanium Great to drive but more thirsty of course
1979 Ford Capri 2.0S CDB252T
1979 Ford Cortina Crusader CJP402T
1982 Ford Escort mk3 CCW315Y
1981 Ford Escort mk3 XKC501W
1988 Ford Escort van (Rieger bodykit) E912CCK
1988 Ford Escort (RS Turbo replica) E114UTJ
1990 Ford Scorpio Cosworth B4LSD
1992 Ford Scorpio Cosworth K111YNC
1990 Ford Escort XR3i F927UPJ
1989 Ford Orion 1600E F718PJM
1995 Ford Mondeo 2.5 V6 Ghia M475VBM

1999 Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec T714 PJA

1999 Ford Focus TDDI Estate V899KDU

2002 Ford Focus ST170 MW52OYJ

2002 Ford Focus TDCI estate BJ52HBO

1995 Ford Freda N724HTE

2005 Ford Focus 2.0 TDCI BJ55JVZ

Here's my list (plenty of sheds in there),

1988 Ford Escort 1.6
1990 Peugeot 205 GTI 1.6
1990 Ford Orion 1.6
1990 Metro GTI
1990 Vauxhall Calibra 2.0 16v
1995 Vauxhall Cavalier 1.7TD
1996 Toyota Carina 2.0
1997 Peugeot 306 TD
2000 Saab 9-3 Turbo FPT
1997 Vauxhall Calibra 2.0 16v SE8
1997 Vauxhall Calibra 2.0 16v SE8 (spares)
1998 Peugeot 306 TD
2000 VW Passat 1.8T
1997 Vauxhall Calibra 2.0 16v
2001 VW Passat 1.8T facelift
1995 Vauxhall Calibra 2.0 16v
2000 Ford Focus 2.0 estate (Current)

You may notice there was a pattern about halfway down the list, this is when you have a family and try to justify owning a 2 door coupe. You try to make it work but fail so buy a big family car to be practical, you get bored of it and convince yourself you can make the coupe work then realise you're an idiot and buy a sensible car again :lol:
While living in America a Dodge Stealth.
320bhp, v6, twin turbo all wheel drive.
It drank like a fish but did 0-60 in 5.6.
Just like any yank tank though it couldn't corner to save it's life.
Standard Vanguard
Truimph TR3a
MGA twin cam
Alvis TD21
VW K70
Alfa Romea Guiletta (1970)
Cortina 1600E
Lotus Cortina Mk1
Escort Mexico
Hillman Imp ( with weslake 8 valve conversion)
Dodge Charger
VW Passat (1980)
Hillman imp ( super saloon race car )
Citroen GS 1200
Alfa sud
Alfa sud Zagato bodied ( possibly the worst car I have owned)
Lancia Delta Integrale
Then we went sensible!!
Renault Laguna mk1 ( 165K no probs)
Renault Laguna 2.2 sport tourer (190K no probs)
Daewoo Nubira Estate
Renault Laguna 1.9 sports tourer ( 128K no probs)
Vw Polo
Ciroen C5 estate 178bhp twin turbo ( possible the best car I have ever owned, got written off when it was parked :-( )
Mondeo Ghia 2lt Tdci estate
I get the sneaky inkling you may actually be Jay Leno under a false name. ;)
[quote name='Stoney871' timestamp='1330880161' post='170554']
I get the sneaky inkling you may actually be Jay Leno under a false name. ;)

Just had google to find out who he is/was still no wiser but he does like a car :)
You get my point then?
He has a small talk show in America.
Major car buff.
[quote name='Stoney871' timestamp='1330885870' post='170569']

Major car buff.

Thats where I fall down im just a minor, late 60's to the mid 90's where good for me and cars. Still paying for some of the race and rally stuff
My VW Lupo, absolutely loved it to bits!
Had my eyes ripped out by the lad i bought it off unfortunately, ended up with £800 worth of work needing doing to it and ended up being heartbroken as I towed it to the dealership so it could be part ex'd in for my fiesta! Every cloud ey!!/_JessLangstaff/media/slideshow?
Mercedes 280. 2008 model
I passed my test in 1977 and have had plenty of cars since then, My first ever was a Ford 105 E Anglia, followed by a Mk1 Escort 1300, The day before my test I PXd for a Morris Marina 1.8 TC, That was a great car, Very quick (for the time), brilliant flame orange with a blck vinyl roof, tinted glass, Rostyle wheels and Twin SUs. That was followed by a customised Mini which I loved. That was replaced with a Viva HC and this again proved to be a lovely car that again I did a very subtle custom job on. After this came one of my favourites, a BL Princess 2200 HLS. It was electric everything and went like stink, sadly so did its thirst for fuel ! other cars followed but the next significant one was a Volvo 240 automatic, I had that car 6 months before it got written off by a newspaper delivery van in a hurry! A few cars later and I got a beautiful white Volvo 740 saloon. It was big, fast, comfortable and immaculate. We used it for our wedding car! I had that for a few years but foolishly was persuaded to swap it for my mates MG Maestro EFI. The thing was beset with problems and we quickly got rid of it. several cars later and I got a Skoda Favorit Estate. we had it for over 3 years and it proved to be a great reliable workhorse, apart from a few engine gliches it was totally reliable and with its removable seats was often used as a mini camper! This was followed by a Nissan Almera SXI that again we had for several years. It too was incredibly reliable and quick ! we loved it. Howevever the time came for a change and we bought our current car, A Mk 4 Fiesta 1.25 LX . It has proved to be one of the best cars i've ever owned, nippy, reliable, tough, economical and a real hoot to drive. I cant see this one being replaced anytime soon. Its had so many new parts fitted that apart from the bodyshell its virtually a new car ! I love it.

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