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Full Version: Cassette Player Keeps Cutting Into Traffic News!
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Firstly, yes, I have turned off the "NEWS" option in the menu.

My Radio/Cassette player is the Ford 5000 system, which is fantastic, apart from the fact that when I'm listening to a tape, it will cut off every half an hour or so and go onto the traffic news on a radio station...

I thought turning the news thing off would stop ALL interruptions ? Apparently not!

Any help ? :)
Do you have the TA (Traffic Announcement) option somewhere in the settings? If yes, turn it off.
TA... That rings a bell... Perhaps I do, but didn't know what it stood for and thought better to keep it on just in case it was something important!

I'll check when I'm next in the car and turn it off if it is there.

Thank you for the reply! :)
I thought I'd better update this, to say the problem is sorted!

I thought TA sounded familiar, because it is on a button on the radio face.

I pressed it and the "TA-D" logo dissapeared, woohoo! :)

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