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Full Version: Heater Control Failed
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Mondeo 2.0 TDCi 2003

While driving heater control panel ceased to work via buttons (while driving)- display : digital display system

Blower on -
FEET direction : light blow to feet / blowing on screen : push feet button - wont turn off/switch stays illuminated
SCREEN direction : light blow to feet / blowing on screen : again push buttons - stays blowing on screen & feet - hit switch to turn off - stays on/illuinmated.

Just pluged my diagnostic tool in, didnt pick up any climate codes, just waiting on a ford contact to plug in to see if there are any concerns.
So we are are assuming that the electronic panel has failed ?
There is a reset proceedure. Cant remember which buttons have to be pressed at the same time, but this cycled through the heating system. May be worth a try if you can find what buttons to press.
see if you can do a self test on the heating system
cheers for your views friends, going to try what mintalkin mentioned and see what happens, i also found this link ref: btaldon but i cant get anything for the reset link - no files unless i doing it wrong, although i downloaded the haynes manual for the car until i opened it, and found it was for the previous 98ish mondeo's :D .

Keep your views coming,will update as and when solution found, cheers andy

If you go to this page : the 1st download is 'mondeo heater reset guide [Full DOWNLOAD]' , thougfht yeayyy, so followed link,ended up downloading and installing 'FIRSTLOAD' and do you think i could find the 'mondeo heater reset procedure'? nope :angry:
hi all, please find attached pic of control panel, our panel does not have the AUTO button, instead we have the 'ON' button, so is there any tests that can be done with this panel ? look forwards to all your views and comments.

oh.. before i forget, this ones going for £15 or make a offer from that well know sales site :rolleyes:

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