Hi guys, I'm thinking of upgrading the audio system in my 2001 Fiesta 5 door Freestyle 1.25 Zetec.

I have the 6000 series CD headunit (I can't remember the exact model but you'll know what I mean) and just the standard audio speakers. I think it has seperate mid and treble speakers in the door. I'm not worried about these, but I wouldn't mind better bass. Which I guess is where the rear speakers come in?

My plan would probably be to add 6x9s in the rear parcel shelf, but will get my friend to cut out the holes as the last time I worked on this was with my brother for his Escort and we did a messy job, it worked fine though but I'm just too much of a perfectionist!

So if I fit 6x9s, shall I just take the wiring feed off my current rear speakers? I don't want to change my headunit as I really love the standard Ford radio/CD player - it's so much easier to use and is really functional without all the bells and wistles and fancy LED lights etc. I'm not worried about this sort of thing, I just want better sound.

My previous car, a Punto :( lol, had a Fiat 100w amp and sub which was specified as an accesory when the car was new. It was a good sound and I know I'm not going to get close to this without an amp and sub, but I'm hoping some 6x9s would be a nice add on and would improve my sound.

Thanks all,

Dan :)