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Full Version: Steering Shaking At 60Mph - 80Mph
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I've just got a focus 2010 and I've noticed the steering wheel seems to shake slightly between 60-75 more so the rougher the road but only at that speed. I'm concerned cause I've only just got the car I definitely don't want it to get any worse..

I've just had both front tyres replaced and balanced which has improved it but its still there. I heard the Zetec versions has firmer suspension so maybe its just the car, just after a mind calmer so I can sleep easy lol.

Cheers, Fishy
Have your tracking done mate if you haven't already. I used to get ridiculous vibration through the wheel at similar speeds to you and once the tracking was done it was 100% better. Beware though like you say the Zetec does have firmer suspension so you will always feel a bit of feedback.
+1 for tracking. My brother had exactly the same problem on an Escort (or it might have been an Astra). It was really bad above about 60mph. Once the tracking was done it was so much better. His tyres stopped wearing unevenly too.
I had this on my focus, I got the tracking and balancing done and it made it alot better but it is still there slightly, the tyres I have on the front are cheap rubbish that ford put on it to sell me it and someone told me this could be the problem, I am due new tyres now so I am gonna get decent ones fitted and hopefully fingers crossed it will go altogether.
Had both the tracking and balancing done.. Its better but you still get a bit of feedback from the road. I think its just the car and something Ill have to live with low profile tyres plus stiff suspension equals shakey shakey :P. Anyone else had any probs ?

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