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Full Version: Is There Auto-Locking On Focus Mk2
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focus steve77
Does the focus mk 2 have this as i would like to activate if it does FOCUS 06 ZETEC very handy when the wife n kids take the car.....
Any help appreciated....
Dont think so, not on this model, I have never heard of it being used, or a programmable option. By all means call your dealer, and ask the question, I was surprised to hear that even this year and model had the "walk me home" lights...
i dont think it has autolock, but you will have the mulilock feature,
click the link at the bottom of my post for a guide on activating this feature.
Unfortunately this feature relies on feedings from the VSS, if the ECU isnt looking or programmed to look at all, then it wont pay a haypeth of attention and wont lock the doors. You may be able to get a "remap" dont on the ECU by someone who can code it to watch out for the speed hitting X MPH and then locking the doors, however this isnt recommended, primarily because its not tested otherwise and might mean the doors are locked in an accident, whereas some cars (like my Cee'd for example) have this feature, whereby it will lock after 10mph and unlock in the event of an accident / keys removed from ignition.
focus steve77
Probably sell this zetec and get myself a Ghia model to much spec missing i think.......
Not entirely sure this is an option on the Ghia either to be honest... granted you get more for your money overall...
on the mondeo this can be activated or deactivated by the follow procedure but i do not know about the focus.

Turn on the ignition so all the dash lights come on but don't start the engine.
Lock the door using the button on the door handle and then unlock the door (but don't open it) 3 times.
Then turn off the ignition.
Lock the door using the button on the door handle and then unlock the door (but don't open it) 3 times.
Turn on the ignition but dont start the engine
A beep should be heard
Lock the door again as before then unlock it (only once this time)
A final beep should be heard.

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