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Full Version: Leak Off Pipe Problems
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Hi all, new to the community here and was hoping for some help/advice please.

I have a 2008 focus zetec mk2.5 1.8tdci and about a week ago I noticed I had a diesel leak.

After a quick look under bonnet I noticed that the leak off pipe on the 4th injector had popped off and was leaking diesel everywhere. I purchased a new set of leak off pipes from ford parts as well as 4 new clips and fitted the parts.

Everything seemed fine for the next few days until yesterday when I noticed a different one had popped off this time (injector 1)

The clips seem to be holding fine, so I was wondering if its possible that there could be a blockage in the system somewhere? such as in the main leak off pipe that carries the diesel back to the tank? I'm thinking that if there is a blockage somewhere then the pressure could be building up until one of the pipes pops off.

Anybody have any experience with this? I've been told via another source that this is quite a common problem on the 1.8tdci

Any help or advice would be very greatly appreciated.

Just to add, I've also ordered some of the BG244 diesel treatment to clean out the fuel system hoping that if there is a blockage somewhere that this would clear it, just waiting for the diesel treatment to arrive.


Hi Andy,

Its been brought up on here before, admittedly im not sure if it was the 1.8tdci or what the outcome was.

hopefully someone will be able to help you

Thanks for the reply stef.

I have had a quick search on the forum using terms such as leak off pipes and diesel leak etc but cant find anything related to this problem, so hopefullly somebody will have had experience with this problem in the past.

I'm starting to think that it'll be a blockage somewhere causing a build up of pressure, seems the most logical explanation so I'm hoping that by using the BG244 diesel treatment that I'm waiting for and by switching back to using shell V-power that it will correct the problem.

Fingers crossed.

Just a quick update.

The leak off pipes haven't popped off for 2 days now *fingers crossed*

BUT, on the last couple of mornings I've noticed a small patch of diesel on floor under engine bay, as well as a small trail when I set off for the 1st 30 yards or so.

I'm guessing this is one of two possibilities.

1. The possible blocked pipe may now have split, although the fuel consumption seems fine

2. It's just some excess diesel from the leak residing on the drip tray/floor of car under engine bay.

I'm going to get hold of some torx keys to remove the under tray and clean it.

I've also added a can of BG244 this morning along with a full tank of shell v-power so will see how things go.


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