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Full Version: Can You Wire Reverse Sensor Into Ford Visteon 6000Cd Stereo
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focus steve77
Does anyone know if you can plug your reversing sensor into the visteon 6000cd player, ther are 3 main blocks (connectors)on the back i believe that block C is for aux in, and block B is for phone mute and possible reverse sensor
Block B is white in picture and C next to it...
Any ideas welcomed
Why are you trying to wire into the stereo? your meant to wire reverse sensors into the reverse light so that when you put power to the light, the power comes on to the sensors?
Sounds like the OP is trying to wire it into the stereo, so that the beep sounds come out of the speakers and the system mutes the radio/cd player when reverse is engaged.

That's how the Skoda system worked on my Octavia, along with a little picture of the car and a visual indication of how close the object behind you was!
focus steve77
Yes thankyou, that is what i am trying to do the sound i got at moment is a little tweeter, which i would prefer through the stereo as above person said,
when reverse is engaged stereo is muted then beep...beep...beep, beep.beep.beep comes through the speakers...
below is connector blocks for B & C which is in most ford focus 05-07

[u][b]Connector B Auxilliary 1 lower left hand side[/b][/u]
Pin 1 Mono + Pin 7 Mono -
Pin 2 Sw A + Pin 8 SWC Gnd
Pin 3 Aux L + Pin 9 Aux L -
Pin 4 Aux R + Pin 10 Aux R -
Pin 5 PTA Pin 11 Rev sense
Pin 6 SWC Pin 12 AVC

[u][b]Connector C Auxilliary 1 lower right hand side[/b][/u]
Pin 1 RSE L + Pin 7 RSE L -
Pin 2 RSE R + Pin 8 RSE R -
Pin 3 Mono 2 + Pin 9 Mono 2 -
Pin 4 Sub W + Pin 10 Sub W -
Pin 5 Aux 2 L Pin 11 Aux 2 R
Pin 6 Audio Gnd Pin 12 Microphone

Note This is all of the pin outs for the
three connectors.
Some models do not have the following
1) Reverse sensing. 2) AVC . 3) RSE Output. 4) Sub woofer. 5) Unbalanced stereo input.
6) Microphone.
hmm not entirely sure im afraid, I know it gets its power from the reverse light, but not sure how to wire it in im afraid, first time I have heard of this... Is it an aftermarket part?
focus steve77
Thought it might be as easy as pluging in reverse left - and right + into the quad lock connector so sound goes through stereo speakers...?

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