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Full Version: Hybrid Vs Electric Cars
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Hybrid cars vs Electric cars? How do they compare? Which one would you rather have?

If I were to choose one of the two, I would go for an electric vehicle and would use it as a town vehicle. It would work out cheaper for short journeys to the supermarket, meeting friends etc. I would rather plug it in to recharge during the night than use a hybrid vehicle. Although, if I were to choose an alternative fuel vehicle as my daily driver, it would be a hybrid as they have the ability to recharge their batteries while running the engine or during braking etc, which would work out better and wouldn't mean I'd be stranded at the side of the road because I accidently messed up while calculating how many miles I had left.
I agree entirely with Danny, Given that the average electric car can raise no more than 150 miles per charge, its not an ideal solution to a long term issue. When the range becomes more like a tank of fuel, and the price comes down I will happily invest, but right now, where I live I couldnt even run a cable to my car, as I could be parked anywhere on my one way street. I would rather have the car recharge as I go, and get an efficient engine, which combines to save me money.

Besides the price difference - Nissan Leaf - almost 30,000 for a car thats no bigger than a Nissan Note, which you can buy for 7k!.

Toyota Prius - 20.8k brand new!!! compare that to your average run of the mill non hybrid motor, thats only an extra 2k? that will save more than that on fuel over the long term!
not sure at this time I would go for either, certainly not an electric vehicle as they are just not practical. Personally I would stick to diesel which are far more practical and both Mercedes and BMW will be bringing in the next generation of diesel engines able to give serious performance with 70+ mpg - other makes are sure to follow suit.
I agree with Danny too.

Nissans Leaf test drive road show came to Newcastle a month or so back and I went along to try it out. Although I find the exterior quite ugly the drive was brilliant - not what I expected at all. I was extremely impressed with the handling, the smoothness, the sound (or lack of, lol), the ride and suprisingly the acceleration. When you want you can shoot away from a stop like a rocket. Much nippier than my fiesta (and don't say thats coz its an automatic! ;) ).

If I had two cars it would be great as my daily car for commuting around the city, especially as Newcastle is so electric car friendly, (theres charging points all over and free parking in the city centre if you're parking & charging your electric vechicle). My neighbour has her own solar panels on the rear of her roof so she wouldn't even have the tiny 2/3 pound charging cost either when at home if she bought a leaf.

Overall I was really suprised and would say you'd have to experience it to believe it. (Obviously this ain't a car for the petrol head or the long distance motorway rep, but for what it is... well, nice one Nissan.


Ivan Petkov
Genraly i prefer electric cars for the same reasons that you said people, it's a perfect town vehicle. But i often travel for a long distance so in that case i will choose the hybrid

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