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Full Version: Fuel Economy, Whats Your MPG figures?
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Whats the fuel economy on your car around town? How does it compare with the manufacturers MPG figures and have you managed to get better economy than the manufacturers stated figures? Dont forget to state which model you have :)

The MK2 Punto I had before my Fiesta used to average around 42mpg during town driving, and on a long run on motorways etc I would routinely see 50mpg on my trip computer. I've done the maths too and it seems the trip counter was giving an accurate reading, I was really satisfied with the fuel economy on that car.

I haven't had my Fiesta for that long, however I drove some distance visiting family last weekend, I reset my trip counter before leaving and once I had got back I had done 145 miles. I still had half a tank of fuel, and I filled the car the night before at Tesco and put 40's worth of fuel in. So it appears I haven't lost any of the MPGs I was used to after having the Punto.

I didn't use my A/C on the way home, but I don't know if that would change the figures enough to notice..

My father has a late 2009 Mitsubishi Colt with the sequential manual 6-speed gearbox, he doesn't come close to the official figures. He says he does, but when I've used the car I never see the trip computer saying more than 30mpg, surprising as the government figures say closer to 38mpg. So it's either the way I'm driving it or something isn't right :D
i average 55mpg in my 1.6 tdci fiesta titanium, round town, upto 60+on long motorway journeys
My 1.6 Petrol Cee'd averages on a full tank around 38mpg when I put my foot down, or around 44MPG if I be a good boy, actual live readings can vary anywhere between 18MPG if I have my foot surgically attached to the floor, or 53mpg if I plod along between 60 and 70 :)

I need to update my spreadsheet and see what it has averaged over the last 6000 miles :)
Urban driving I am getting 40 mpg and motorway 43mpg from my Focus Sport.

Car has only done 2200 miles and mpg should improve as the engine loosens up as previously experienced. The other thing is I avoid using this car for short journeys where possible and use the Wifes SportKA instead
My first refill, and I'm getting 39.5 mpg to/from work on A & B roads, with no motorway driving yet.

Focus '09 1.6 Zetec (petrol) with 3.5k miles on clock.

I think the gauge that shows remaining fuel is a bit pessimistic; I'd just got a second warning 'bong' at 25 miles, but I reckon there were about 50 miles in the tank (6 litres left). It also says I'll get 425 out a tank, but I reckon 475 is nearer.
Haven't been anywhere in my Fiesta (1.6 TDCI) yet so round town figures only at the moment which are coming in at around 54mpg which I'm quite happy with. Got a couple of long runs planned over Xmas so looking forward to how this brings the figure up.

I've had quite a few cars (37!) over my time and have tracked my mpg on them all. On average I get 85% of what the manufacturer claims for combined. Only my two Freelanders did better with an average of 104% of what Land Rover claimed. I always get closer to the manufacturer figures on diesels than I do on petrols.


That's good fuel economy, Rog! The modern Ford diesel engines are really fantastic. My father used to have a Mitsubishi Colt with a 1.5 turbo diesel engine, it was a three cylinder and was unbelievably noisy. The combined fuel economy figures were somewhere in the region of 55mpg, but even with a really gentle right foot both me and my father struggled to see 36mpg, and on a longer motorway trip with the cruise control set to 70 it wouldn't go much above 40mpg - in the end he chose to get rid of the car and actually gets better fuel economy out of the petrol Colt he has now!

I always use the figures as guidelines as it's possible to get better fuel economy than the combined figures if you have a gentle foot and live somewhere quiet without constant traffic jams! :D

I average about 39mpg in my 1.6 Rover 25iS, the majority of that is around town, on motorways I can get around 42. Not bad for a 160k petrol engine!

As for my parents, they average about 34mpg in their 1.8 Mk2 Mondeo LX and roughly 37mpg in the '98 1.3 Fiesta. Both of which are used for commuting 30 miles a day and the odd Tesco trip.
i have a heavy foot, and average between 44-50mpg
Got a 1.6 petrol Mk7 Zetec S...

Average town driving is around 35-36mpg for me, have a *very* heavy foot too. :rolleyes:
SirKit Breaker
I dont know what the official figures are, but my 2.0 petrol Mk3 Mondeo does 32 on the short hop, 12 mile, stop start M62 journey to work and back. On a longer run and taking it steady at around 75 it returns about 40 with the cruise control on. If i boot it big style when some A4 or BMW oil burning nobber is up my bum, then it leaves them for dead and the needle moves left at a quick rate of knots. PS no insult intended to you diesel motorists unless you drive one of the aforementioned models.


Focus Titanium 1.6 petrol :angry: 32.5mpg is my latest figure .

My driving consist's of small trips to work and back 1.5 miles each way and then smaller "dads taxi" trips to the town. So not so good , but some weeks i'm doing less than 50 miles in a week.

Best i have managed from her was 43 mpg to Manchester airport when i went on holiday this year, that was mostly motorway , fully loaded with 2 years worth of womens clothes and make up and 1 pair of my speedo's :D
I'm not sure what the official figures are for my model, which is the 2.0L TDCi Zetec S 136PS. Around town I can get anything up to 50mpg and on the motorway anything up to about 65mpg! :D
yeah i have checked my economy in the last month it is in between 35-40 i think i can get more but there is a small problem after solving that my car will get nearly 50 hope so
Not sure on the 'official' figures, 05 2.0tdci focus 80k on the clock, fairly heavy foot, at the moment short trips (15miles max) the computer is reading average of 39mpg, driving really sencible on a 30mile drive shortly after I got the car the computer reading was 62mpg. Will be good to see what its like on a good long run in the summer.
I am definately getting 5 miles to the Gallon less when filling up at Asdas. Ive done three runs to and from Shropshire and have only being getting 36 mpg on the way there after filling up in Asda's. Coming home I am getting 41 mpg because I am filling up with Esso.

Thats driving between 75 and 80 and doesnt matter if Im loaded up or not. I used to get the same from Asda fuel but recently its been rubbish. I am sure its also the cause for the fueling problems I am now experiencing with the other car, as it looks like the Lambda has given up.

Unfortunately Asda is the only place around here I can get fuel.

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