Hi all

I have the new Ford KA Titanium with built in Bluetooth and USB. I've only had it a few weeks and when I go to make a call by using the voice activated option here is an example of what happens. I will say "Call Steve" and the voice repeats what I have said so I then answer "Yes". For some reason when I say "Yes" it just doesn't recognise this and goes back to the Radio or CD and I have to start all over again. It recognises if I say "No" and it also recognises who I'm asking it to call so I am sure it's not the microphone or speakers. I have tried saying "yes" in a normal tone and then louder to see if that would work and it doesn't. It does sometimes work when the car is stationary but few and far between. Has anybody else experienced this problem or have any solutuins? It is frustrating as this was an extra package I paid for. I'm thinking I might be best going to the Fiat website and asking there as I know they build the KA and it's Fiat products.