Hi everyone,

My 2006 TitaniumX 2.0 TDCI (130) MK3 Mondy had started to feel like it was running a little rough, so a couple of weeks ago I chucked in some of this BG244 that I got off ebay. It's pricey stuff and I was certainly sceptical about it, but I stand corrected now. I've still got half a tank of fuel to go through, but so far the difference is very noticeable.

The car feels 'fresher' and lively-er, if that makes any sense... it revs more freely and with far less rattle from the engine. I've also noticed that when accelerating hard, the resulting exhaust is far cleaner - not a dark smoke any more.

If your car is feeling a little under the weather then I would certainly suggest using this stuff. I've decided that I'm going to run some through every 12 months or so just to keep it nice and slick.

P.S No I don't work for the BG244 people or the ebay shop that sells it !