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Full Version: Usb Port Questions
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Hy everyone,

I got a new Focus 2 week ago. I absolutely love it, but I got a few questions concerning the usb connection.

[*]Are there any limitations to the folder names ? I noticed that I was getting "USB not supported" sometimes. I then removed all folders with quite a long name (or shortened them) and that seemed to work.
[*]I like to have all my music on shuffle, but it appears that it only shuffles folders starting with a number and folders from a to c.
I can browse to other folders and play a song, from let's say Editors, but when it shuffles it jumps back to the 1 to c range.

Thank you for your help.
Hi Ripp, as with most modern day USB audio players, its best to have short names, anything above 52 characters will make it tricky, as for anything above 64 characters your starting to push your luck!

Wth reference to the shuffle, there may well be an audio update available from Ford.
Hi, I also seem to be having problems when connecting my 40gb Iriver mp3 player to the USB port, sometimes it works ok (but not for long), sometimes i get 'USB not supported' or 'Files not recognised'. Is there a limit to the size of hard drive that the Focus USB interface can connect with and read, and would it make any difference if i organised my music files differently on my MP3 player? I currently have it set up for files displaying 'Artists'which open up to 'Album' files and then to the associated album tracks.
Any help would be appreciated ;)
Size I would expect maybe up to 32gb depending on how the file format is read by the stereo.

Otherwise, make sure it is only a USB Stick, if you use a portable hard drive, that will cause problems and eventually burn out the USB port
Thanks Jeebowhite but i've tried putting the MP3 files onto a memory stick but even then it's very tempermental. I emailed Ford twice in the last 3 weeks but as yet I've had no reply, hence my question on this forum. It's under warranty so maybe I should just put it in as a fault???

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