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Full Version: How To: Renew Fuel Filter
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Items needed:

- vinyl/latex gloves/barrier cream (to protect hands from diesel)
- New Filter
- New Rubber gasket
- Fuel can with fuel
- Cloths/rags/newspaper (to clean up spilt diesel, it will happen)

Tools needed:

- socket wrench
- small flat head screw driver (to help with small clips)

1. open bonnet, and remove plastic engine cover
2. locate fuel filter, to the right of the main part of the engine, left of the battery, under a black metal sheild.
3. using the socket wrench remove the two bolts and move out of the way
4. disconnect the electrical cables via clip that simply lifts a little and pull.
5. disconnect the 2 fuel lines:
a. the horizontal connection, use the the small screw driver to pull out the small clip inside the bigger clip. once that is out push the surrounding clip and pull on pipe. a small amount of diesel will spill here.
b. the top connection, simply squeeze the white clips and pull. again a small amount of diesel will spill.
6. pull fuel filter housing from car, may need a little shaking and pulling to free out.
7. twist the top to unscrew the lid.
8. carefully pull out the old filter and remove rubber gasket. loads of diesel is stored in here and will be pretty warm if engine has just been on.
9. Fill fuel filter housing to the brim with diesel, this will help in the bleeding process.
10. Place rubber gasket on the housing and connect new filter to the lid.
11. with lid and filter attached insert it into the housing, diesel will spill loads here so maybe best on newspaper or rags.
12. ensure rubber gasket is sat right and equal all around the edge of the housing and filter.
13. take not of the arrow on the housing and tighten lid untill arrows match...tighten as best as you can with your hands...remember its only plastic.
14. put fuel filter back in the car and reverse the instructions above to connect.
15. start the car, the car may stall at first after 10 secs but restart and it should start.

if the car does not start after 10 attempts, disconnect fuel filter and check rubber gasket and make sure housing is full of diesel.

This guide is intended for the 1.8tdci 2006 focus, it maybe used for other models. carrying this service out is entirely at owners risk. i did this on the 23/08/11 so while still fresh in my memory i thought id write up a guide to help others. Pictures will follow on an update. on a further note, please dispose of the old filter according to local waste due to diesel being classed as hazardous waste.

hope this helps
Nice one John.

Another job i need to look at.

Fancy doing a guide with pic's for the EGA valve removal, cleaning etc etc :lol:
Nice tutorial JohnH, hopefully someone can upload some pictures if they follow it through!
barry - i can do a guide on how to clean the EGR using a the spray and reving the engine technique...if thats any good??

jee - ive got some piccys, im just at work so i cant upload them just yet...soon as i get my days off i will get it sorted.
That could help - thats my back up plan depending on how the egr valve is placed compared to the 1.6. Heard it could be attached to part of the exhaust and stuff. Need to get my haynes manual soon.
ok, ill get some pictures and a guide sorted for monday if that is currently at work untill then and have no tools etc.
Nice one bud.

Must say i'm loving the new motor so far. Still on my first tank of fuel and keep watching the potentual total miles to the fill up increase. Started when i filled it up as 540, currently looking to get to 570miles as it stands with just under 1/2 tank left. Could drive more grandad like & get 600 to the tank but that ain't going to happen :lol:
excellent guide looking to do this soon.....not sure if its located in same area on the 2005 2.0tdci titanium
barry - sounds good to me i average out at around 57mpg, but i do loads of mileage, so far since last year i have done 30k miles...but im saving loads of money to that compared to when i had my 1.6 petrol peugeot 307.

apj - i would assume they would be in a similar location, looking at my owners manual at both the 1.8 and 2.0l duratorq and they look very similar, just the oil filler cap is located further down on the 2.0l. your best bet here is look at a haynes and/or physically will see it soon as you open the bonnet, at the top to the right of the plastic engine cover under a metal plate...if there is a black cylindrical part...thats the boyo.
Just curious - what you get from a tank? Christ 30k already - thats just over 2 years for me!!!!

Shame there ain't got a instant MPG reading (well not on my car) but i reset it on the motorway and got it reading over 80 but normal speed was about 74 i think. Bet a good long motorway run would have great results - do about 40 miles a day and 70% is motorway but peak times so not best conditions - still coming from the old escort an extra 200 miles (ish) from the tank for what 3.00 extra is a great feeling.

Anyhow - sorry for going on and taking thread off subject. looking forward to your next guide. Should get my haynes manual soon once i got some free cash.

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