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Full Version: 80 MPH Speed Limit?
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Do you think we should have 80mph speed limits? France already has this?

Recently on french roads and that extra 10 mph makes a difference.

It would be good but that means people will do 90mph instead...
[quote name='calmcdermott' timestamp='1314463612' post='141723']
It would be good but that means people will do 90mph instead...

That's exactly what I was going to say!

In my case though it wouldn't make me go any faster than 85mph or so, I never drive above this speed anyway even on the motorway - so in my particular case it would just make me less liable to 3 points if I was stopped by a copper or was zapped by a mobile gun.

But, for most of the population they'd probably have the attitude of "So the speed limit is 80mph, let's do 100mph and it would only be like doing 90mph with the old limit" etc. I know there's been lots of talk but maybe the best way forward would be some sort of trial based thing, and see what impact it has.
No - most of the French motorway system is not as over-crowded as here in the UK and they have a lower speed limit in rain etc. that is generally adhered too.

They also have rest stops every couple of 2km unlike the UK.

The extra 10mph would make little difference to most journeys particularly on congested sections near our large city's and would also increase the co2 and amount of fuel being used per population.

Leave the 70 speed limit as it is, just get UK drivers to improve the way they drive on our multi-lane highways :(
To be honest, its 70 now and people will do 80 - the police let you off with 80 9/10 times.

People will speed to 120 + if they want to so upping the limit to 80 wont stop that or deter it.

It would improve things, because people can do it legally, but maybe the 10%+x tolerance should be removed at 80 - or at least reduced...
I don't think it would work, most of the UK's roads, even motorways wouldn't cope with those speed limits.
For instance there's a choke point on the M4 where I live (Brynglas Tunnels, Newport) where the motorway goes from 3 lanes to 2, the speed has recently been reduced to 50mph, and there's a massive improvement. Traffic used to build up when the limit was 70mph, therefore it would slow everyone else down. Also there's some rather twisty A roads that would be dangerous to be doing 80mph around. Our roads are really overcrowded and unprepared. Many of the popular small cars can struggle to get to 80mph, which would endanger them further when entering the motorway. It would also be 10mph faster than lorries, which could prove dangerous in several situations.
Even if they did raise the speed limit you would still have that one person that would do 50 everywhere and get on everyones tit
its no worse really than those who do 120+ lol.

At the end of the day It would be good I think - most people average 75 to 80 as it is on a motorway, so I cant see a problem...
Get rid of the speed limit all together. Let the police punish people who drive dangerously instead. People should be able to use common sense, there are national speed limit roads that i would never go 60mph on just because i'm allowed. The police should spend some time going after people who drive dangerously, i got 3 points for doing 90mph on an empty straight motorway :rolleyes:
No, we shouldn't. 60MPH is plenty. I'm sure I even heard talk of it going down to 55MPH, but not sure if that was true or not.

With all the crashes going on, I think upping the speed limit would be the worst thing ever.
70mph is nothing when your on a long stretch of trafficless motorway.

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