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Full Version: Engine Systems Fault
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Fors Focus 1.8 Diesel 2006

I am getting a warning message of an engine system fault. No other warning lights coming on. Switch engine off and restart and message has disappeared. However, a few miles later (anything from 5 to 30 miles) and the warning message comes back.

No obvious loss of performance, although when the engine is under pressure e.g going uphille or accelerating hard, there is a lot of black smoke from the exhaust.

Any suggestions as to possible cause before I take it in to the Ford dealer? The simple dashboard diagnostic check shows no fault code.
Could just be the egr valve needs a good clean, good place to start.
If you have a DPF could be that... it might need a forced regen...
[quote name='jeebowhite' timestamp='1314884725' post='142341']
If you have a DPF could be that... it might need a forced regen...
No DPF's on the 1.8 tdci's so not that
:o school boy error jee lol

i reckon fuel filter and/or turbo pipe split on the 90 degree bend.
Ah hah! you see it wasnt a schoolboy error - I remember somewhere I have spoken to an unlucky fella who actually did have a 1.8 and DID have a DPF! I can swear it was somewhere on here!

90% of the time the rule is right = 1.8 = no DPF, but you do get the exceptions!
Can't say your tell porkies ;) lol but all my research into it said they don't as the 1.8 is the only 8v engine (older engine i think)- all the others are 16v

I can see here that several versions of the 2 litre and 1.6 do and don't which makes buying one a pain in the arse.

I bet if some dude with a mark 2 1.8 tdci had a DPF then it was some garage ripping them off at some point in time!!

but it could also be a possiblity thats for sure - i mean the amount of motors of the same spec which are so different is unbeleivable - Zetecs & titaniums with drums on rear instead of disks, the motors with out footwell lights, the ones with the them and no bulbs, the ones that should but don't!!!! etc
I'd go for the split turbo 90 degree pipe, had a friends one go the same way as yours had a feel around the pipe and it had a inch split in it. Went to local ford dealer and got another one and 10 mins fitting it and it was fine.

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