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Full Version: What would you do with 10 Million?
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Just imagine this, you have just won the lottery, 10 million. What car are you going to buy? What car for your wife? And the rest of the family?

I would be buying a big enough garage to fit all my dream cars in LOL, then maybe buy the wife a dress LOL

lol, I would probably buy myself a Vauxhall insignia, a nice sized house, and pay off the in laws mortgage, and help them buy a new place as well.

Other than that, I would probably go to uni full time and study to be a doctor (I really would love to do that, but cant afford to take time out of work and then couldnt support my family...)

Otherwise... pfft... leave it to gather interest, and try and get the mrs on a plane for the first time ever and visit spain!
Sell the Fiesta and get a Audi V10 R8 in white. Decent sized house in a nice area, repay the parents, and live off the interest!

If I had to spend some of the money on the ford though, I'd probably convert a fiesta to full electric, with 4 wheel drive powerful motors. And a big solar panel on the car and house roof to keep it running free of charge.
I'd buy a new car, probably a BMW or an Audi (I love German cars) but I would keep my Fiesta as a run around, only because I could. Actually, I'd probably buy lots of new cars :D. I'd buy a nice house, something for half a million would do in the country somewhere, a few acres and a nice big garage to keep all my cars. I'd quit work and live off the interest, which even on 5 million would be crazy amounts.

I wouldn't be greedy, and wouldn't forget the important people in my life like family & friends, so I'd buy 'em all something nice for putting up with me all these years :D.


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