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Full Version: Electrical Nightmare!
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Ok, so me and my cousin fitted a tow bar to my car a few weeks back, after fitting we tested the electrics, all where great and working fine, then I got pulled over for rear right light not working (which is where the side lights connection for the trailer hook up is spliced) I have replaced the bulb (even though it was ok) the fuses are perfect and the connections are sound, is there something I am not checking? something simple which would cause the side light to not work, but the break light to work fine??? help me please!! someone? ANYONE?!?!?!!!
what method did you use to connect the tow bar wiring to the car harness?
did you use a relay and the dedicated 12v feed for the electrics?
[font="Arial Black"][i][b]Are the sidelights on the front working, or are all the sidelights out?

if all the sidelights are out then you may have a switch burned out resulting in a new stalk control for your lights,
This is caused by overloading the current flowing through the switch,

For example if your current fuse was 15amp and you put in a 25amp this puts a higher current through the electrics and can put strain on the connectors in the switch's

The same as upgrading 55w fog light bulbs to 100w and fitting a bigger fuse, this will through time burn out the switch.

As far as I am aware there are model specific looms available with fitting diagrams for fitting an auxiliary socket for a trailer or caravan etc.
Like This One[/b] [/i][/font][url=""][i]CLICK HERE[/i][/url]
it the side lights on the right hand side of the car only (headlight and main beam are perfick), I didnt change the fuse and a guy I know who works for ford main dealer said that splicing the wires using blocks is fine and the way they fit them to this year of car (later models require the relay and dedicated 12v feed due to on board computers and stuff) he is on holiday at the moment for 3 weeks and I cant be pulled over for it again, I was let off with a telling off last time, next time I could be fined :(

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