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Full Version: Bluetooth And Ipod Connectivity Options
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I am looking to bluetooth my mobile to my 2009 Focus, with the attached stereo, and also connect my iPod. I have the aux connection, but I want the full control of the iPod from the stereo.

I bought a Connects2 unit, which I was advised would work with my iPod and stereo, but on installation, found it didn't work, and then the company I bought it from realised it wasn't compatible with my stereo (although it did charge the iPod)

So, does anybody have any suggestions for me, or do I have to buy a whole new stereo to enable me to do these things?
not sure on the ipod but i know for bluetooth you could buy a parrot system. or you could remove your current and stick a new facia and aftermarket headunit which has all your lookin for
Thanks John. What kind of aftermarket headunit is compatible with the 2009 Focus?
Will Clark IOM
Any double din headunit all you need is a wiring harness, or a single din headunit you'll need same plus a facial plate to convert a big hole to the size of a normal sized headunit.
So, would something like this work in Ford Focus:-

Where abouts would you get the facia plate from, the fit the Focus?
Will Clark IOM
It sure will, I've got a facial plate in the van after taking my headunit out might cost something in post but if you want it your welcom to it mate, is your current headunit square edge or more rounded as I've got a plate for a square edge.

Will Clark IOM
Before you worry it's from a focus 2008 just its in van as the cars gone.
That's very kind of you Will. As you can see from the photo in the origonal post, my current stereo is the more rounded one.

So, given that my current stereo if dual DIN, if I go for a new single DIN stereo, do you need a new facia panel plus a facia plate to cover the missing DIN, or do you retain the facia panel and just need the facia plate?

Are the wiring connections identical, so it's just plug and play? Are all car stereo wiring connections generic?
Will Clark IOM
No you'll need a wiring harness also know as a ISO harness which looks like this I know that's for a fusion but in won't look to much different put a quick search on google something like this "ford focus 2008 wiring harness for pioneer" or what ever make of headunit because different makes need a different lead.

As regards to the facia plate all you should need is one to convert the current hole to a single din hole but make sure it fits your make and model soyoull be looking for a curved bottom and edge.
Will Clark IOM
Get this lead

And this facia there is also a black one if you would prefer

That should do you mate just need to sort a headunit out and around an hour to fit it all. Hardest part is getting standard one out you'll need special keys for it these are like the ones I needed but you've got a newer headunit so I would be to surprised if you needed different ones
i think i have pc99-x55 and pc99-son which is the pioneer patch lead aswell. im selling both of these together. the pc99-x55 worked on my 2006 focus so if it might work.

im looking to get rid for say 30 inc postage.

oh if your wondering what this is, its a lead and adaptor that will let you keep the use of the stalk on your steering wheel. like i say i used this on my 2006 focus with sony mex-bt2600 and it worked brilliantly...

come to think of it i may also have the iso lead converter to normal radio connections lead, which ill throw in for free...but ill need to check when im home.
Thanks again for the replies guys.

However, Will - I don't think that facia panel would fit my car. The photo I attached doesn't quite show the top edge of my existing panel, but it goes up to include the hazard warning switch. The link you sent seems to have a square top edge, whereas mine would need to be curved in the middle of the top edge to go round the switch.
Will Clark IOM
Sorry mate, hope you get what you need.

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