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Full Version: Vibration Through Steering Wheel On 2011 Mondeo 2.0 Tdci Titaniuum X
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Simon W
I just had my car serviced and the garage also noted I needed 2 new front tyres. I got them to fit them as the price was competitive. When I got the car back they noted that apparently one of the front wheels has a "slight" buckle. When I drove the car around 60 - 70mph and take my hands of the wheel there is a vibration through the steering wheel which I am 99.9% sure was not there prior to the tyre change. When I took the car back to the dealer they blamed the buckle in the wheel and the fact the wheels have had the old weights removed and new ones put on (although they say the wheels have been balanced properly). There only offering was to put the front wheels on the rear (so the supposed buckled wheel is now on the rear) but the issue is still there even after they have done that. I have lost confidence in the garage now (wish they hadn't touched it). Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this vibration? I thought maybe the wheels hadn't been balanced properly but I imagine putting the fronts on the rear and the same issue occurring would have ruled that out? Also I suppose tracking could be a cause? I am tempted to take the car to my local indy tyre fitter and have them do a full laser tracking and re-balance the wheels but want to be sure that is likely to solve the problem as it will cost me to do.
Simon W
I just took the car to my local indy tyre fitter. They re-balanced all 4 wheels (they said they were pretty close anyway, only 5g out) and adjusted tracking and pressures. The issue is slightly better but still there, I am now wondering if I am expecting perfection. Between 60 and 70 if I take my hands of the wheel the wheel is shaking slightly, it's not so noticeable with hands on the wheel. Am I expecting too much?
If the front wheel had a slight buckle then it has hit a curb hard would suspect something else on the suspension is also bent a bit.
If you have had wheels balanced, swapped them to the back and still have a shake it's somewhere in the suspension.
First check from wheel bearings for movement if the wheel is bent the next place the forces hit is the wheel bearing and front CV joint then look at all the suspension bushes, drop links, wishbones, antirollbar, steering rack
Simon W
Thanks for the reply Snapper, I did actually think something else could be bent as to buckle a wheel it must have had a heavy thump. The odd thing I can't understand if it's something other than the wheel is that the car did not do this prior to me taking it in for it's service and new tyres. This was an ex-lease car so I don't know what happened to it in it's first 6 months. Sounds like it could be expensive to sort :(

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