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Full Version: Used 1.8 Tdci Having Throttle Issues
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Hi everyone,

I've just registered and would like to ask you all a question. I just bought a second hand Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi with 60k miles on it. It runs fine, but the throttle is exhibiting a strange behaviour. When cruising in 4th and 5th gear and applying little throttle, when I then need to get more power as in going up a hill or overtaking, as I press the pedal it will increase power for a bit until a point where it just cuts out completely. There is no visible smoke, and if I remove the foot of the pedal and press it again, it will be fine. I also notice it won't happen if I'm a bit more aggressive on the pedal. Does anyone has any idea what the problem might be? I bought the car together with a warranty from the dealer, but I would like to get some independent opinion before going there with the problem, just in case they try to dismiss it as normal.

it could be:

fuel fitler issues
throttle position sensor

or if you mean your car is cutting out when you need power (engine stalls) a mate of mine had the same on his mondeo and it turned out to be a injector issue.

either way report it to the dealer, get them to fix it under warranty and if its not fixed in a reasonable time take the car back and say its not fit for purpose and get another.
That reply came faster than I was expecting! :) Thanks a lot for your help. No, the engine doesn't cut out, just the throttle. It feels like I stopped accelerating, when in reality I'm doing the opposite. It's funny, because I went for a test drive and noticed nothing, and the day I brought the car home, I immediately had it happening when going up a hill.

I'm going to report to the dealer as you said, and if they are uncooperative I might come back here for further advice. I'm quite new to all this used car dealing stuff.

Once again, thanks a lot for your help!


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