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Full Version: Service station costs
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Cost of food in service stations is crazy… Although burger kig and maccy D’s seems quite reasonable compared to the sit in restuarant meals on offer!

Do any of you guys just buy the Maccy D’s stuff?

I do a lot of my driving around town or at least near town, so in most cases I'm never far from a supermarket. Like you said McDonalds are fairly reasonable in their pricing compared to other eat-in places.

I don't make lots of long journeys, but I do sometimes drive around 150 miles on the M5 to visit family, and thankfully there's McDonalds on both our favourite services in either direction. I did get caught out at one time as the queues were a nightmare, so we went next door into the other little place which was like a clone of McDonalds but offering pasties and sandwiches. Two coffees and a bacon roll cost over 6, where as in McDonalds two coffees and a couple of large fries is a little over half that price.

Oh and the coffee didn't even come close to the McDonalds coffee, I have about 10 loyalty cards of them so when I can be bothered I'll go and claim all my free coffees :P

And I've just realised many months ago giving my little sister my card and saying "Run in and get us something to eat, here's my card you know my PIN".. off she goes.

I'm parked in the services on the M4 so I just wanted a break and something to eat, anyway. Little sis comes running out with a couple of Ginsters pastys, some crisps and two bottles of Dr Pepper. The price? Nearly 8. I was absolutely gobsmacked. I went in to check the prices because I was convinced I was overcharged, but the prices were right. What a rip off. It was only a convenience store, and the services in question weren't even 24 hour, so it's not like they had night staff to pay.
There's nearly always a retail park or supermarket within 10 mins of most m'way junctions so just plan your route to make your sat nav take you off the motorway for a cheaper alternative.


Agreed - Prices are crazy! I still do a lot of motorway miles too and fro work, but dont use the services. However, I do a lot of drives 'up north' to see the families, so I do speak from experience when I agree that they "extract the urine" far too often!

I prefer to use the outlets such as McD's / BK / Pizza hut etc, because you may have to wait longer, but you wont pay through the nose for the privelage, they are about 20p more expensive than standard restaurants (kind of like petrol stations for that matter!) yet they are still half the price of the "convenience" stores...
Not so long ago, a few friends and I stopped off at Keele services to get a bite.

Fish & Chips x 4 cost us just over 50.

Shocking prices.

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