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Full Version: Power Steering - We Think?
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Hi, just came across this site after doing some googling and getting really worried now so thought i would post this:

We have a ford smax 56 plate with 53k on clock. We have had various niggly problems with it but all been solved (one of them being the alarm and wipers going off for no reason).

The latest problem, and the reason it is worrying me is from googling it and realising it could cost up to 2k to fix. Our power steering started sticking/jamming a couple of weeks ago when it was on full lock turning. However it has gradually got worse and is doing it all the time now... any ideas on what it could be? How much it could cost? My hubby seems to think it may need fluid (im hoping that is all it is lol). I think the car is out of warranty now not sure as we bought it 2nd hand 3 years ago.

All help would be gratefully received before i book it into garage and incurr unneccessary costs lol


Not sure what you did, but I've had Power Steering troubles and one garage advised Power Steering Rack and took it to another who changed the Power Steering Reservior.

Hopefully sorted for good, but will keep you posted!
it does sound like a steering rack issue.

check for water ingress on all the electrics under the bonnet, could be causing the issues you are experiencing with the wipers and alarm

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