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Full Version: Windscreen Wipers Juddering
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New to this and not an expert on cars, so was wondering if anyone can help.

Last night, at 12:30 am, my car alarm suddenly started to go off. Went outside as thought someone had broken in. No sign of a break in, all I saw was the windscreen wipers in a working position, so switched the alarm off and went back to bed.

Alarm went off again, turned it off and looked inside. Could hear a ticking sound from the fuse box, some of the interior lights kept flashing quickly, windscreen wipers juddering, indicators going off. This all happened while the engine was off. When I turned the ignition, it stopped, car was running fine. Took it for a quick spin, stopped the engine, turned the ignition off, everything started flashing again, setting the alarm off. Eventually, just unplugged the fuse box and went to bed.

It was raining when I drove back last night before this all happened. Spoke to one of my friends who said that he had something similar.

Anyone ever experienced this, or heard about it, and how do i go about fixing it?
[quote name='larryevans81' timestamp='1315234738' post='142955']

Anyone ever experienced this, or heard about it, and how do i go about fixing it?

Sounds Like your car is being re-possessed

the focus is known for water ingress into the fuse box, remove the fuse box and look for any signs of corrosion, usually around the relays.

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