I am new to the forum after speaking to a couple of people.
I have a bit of an issue with my 56 plate focus 2.0TDCi, water has got onto the internal fusebox (just replaced with ford original) unfortunately the car will now not speak to the ford computer - some water ingress has been seen towards the PCM, however, the garage will not guarantee that the replacement will fix the problem.

the car now has 111k miles on it, unfortunately i have just replaced the DPF, clutch and dual mass flywheel, front disks n pads and tyres on the back, oh, and not so long back the front wishbones, all the wheel bearings and replaced the rear bushes with polyurethanes.

with electric gremlins attacking the motor, i am a bit reluctant to continue throwing money at it - any advise would be appreciated to see a way of fixing it, or it could go to a good home for parts???