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In your opinion do you think the Drink Driving Limit be “zero” ? You see these idiots on TV pissed up and driving, they need to bring more powers and get these assholes off the streets and locked up for a few months!

At the very least I think the limit should be made lower. The thing is lots of people don't realise how even small amount of alcohol can effect your ability to drive and focus.

The problem is people who don't drink regularly could easily be a danger on the road even though they may be under the set drink driving limit, so in this particular case a zero policy on drink driving would be a good idea.

There's also so many people who drive to work etc after going out clubbing the previous night, and they probably don't realise they are still intoxicated and over the limit.

I'm personally not a heavy drinker, I mean I do like a little bit of vodka occasionally and I love cider, but I have never got into my car and driven even if I feel slightly tipsy, other people would be prepared to take the risk and hope if they got stopped they are just under. A policy of zero alcohol when driving could mean the more sensible drivers who do take this risk, think better of it and don't drive at all because they know they will be prosecuted even if they have a little bit of alcohol in their body.

I hope that all makes sense lol, I've got a terrible dose of the flu...
[quote name='Steve' timestamp='1315306541' post='143072']
<p>In your opinion do you think the Drink Driving Limit be “zero” ? You see these idiots on TV pissed up and driving, they need to bring more powers and get these assholes off the streets and locked up for a few months! </p>

The limit should be 1 drink per person, we live in a society where drinking is sociable with meals etc. No more than one.
"The limit should be one drink per person"

What one small glass of wine or one large
1 bottle of beer or 1 pint
Strong or weak
And that's where the problem lies
The limit right now is a pint and a half of 3.6 % beer, less than one pint of strong lager at 5%
wine has gone up in strength over the years to 12 to 14%

I for one would like a limit but not nil that way if I have a drink the night before I have a little leway if my last drink was a little later or a little stronger ,as it stands right now I do not drink and drive, not even one, it's not worth the risk so I would gutted if I failed due to one extra Cobra in the Bombay Duck the night before.
Snapper, like you said yourself the problem lies in what alcohol is consumed, saying that, it's also impossible to say whether a pint and a half of 3.6% beer would make someone over the limit. It depends heavily on their BMI, for example, and even how much they drink. I have seen one pint of Carling make someone tipsy, and the reason for that is because they aren't a regular drinker.

This is why if it's absolutely impossible to say whether you are over the limit or not, if you visit the drinkaware website, which I will admit is quite interesting, you'll see they don't state how much is too much, because it's impossible to say.

On a lighter side, I see those self-breathalyzer things are getting cheaper, and even Halfords sell them now :D. I don't know exactly how accurate they are though lol.

The limit should be zero. I can't stand people who get behind the wheel while pissed up scum that's all they are. Getting behind the wheel pissed next thing they have just killed some one took a life away all because there to lazy to waik or to tight to pay for a taxi.

I watch these police programs and all you see is pissed up drivers thinking they can get away and once they get caught the water works comes on crying like a baby boo hoo it just anoys me how some people are plain stupid.

And just to add i would look them up for a few years and never let them behind the wheel again there driveing days would be over for good.
It doesn't matter how low the limit is there will still be those who will drink and drive, [b]it should not be about the limit it should be about the penalty[/b] and the first change should be if you get caught over the limit and you lose your car.

Remember speeding can be just as bad so before we start throwing stones at drunk drivers let us all consider our own driving.

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