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Full Version: Fiesta Vs Focus?
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Hey, just joined up.

Currently I have a mk1.5 Focus Zetec 1.6l, and I'm wanting something with a bit more power.

I had thought about the focus 2.0l (either mk1.5 or mk2.5), and ST170 or ST-3.
The ST170 and ST-3 both have too high insurance for me, so my friend mentioned the Fiesta ST.

I had a look around, and they are an ok price, and insurance isn't bad either. Is there a huge difference in internal space, how well made are they, and what are they like for town and motorway driving?

Cheers for any info.
I haven't driven any of the ST models, but just though I'd ask a few questions that will help the community to help you.

What budget do you have to spend on a car?
What's you're requirements? ie: do you carry passengers often, need boot space, motorway miles, short blasts around town etc.

On a side note, have you considered the Mk7 Fiesta 1.6? These can be mountuned to 155ps now, can be bought in Zetec S or Titanium specs, have more interior room and is lighter than the 150bhp Mk6 Fiesta ST. Though the ST does have plenty of tuning options itself...
[font="Century Gothic"]it depends on what your after yourself. if you're wanting a wee toy i'd go for the fiesta ST. my boyfriend had a white one and had no problems with it (apart from fords awful thin white paintwork!) but they are brilliant little hatchbacks. If you're wanting a bit more space go for the focus mk2.5 or 3, unless you're wanting a fiesta ST easily keeping up with you in an ST170 :rolleyes: all depends on your budget ofcourse :) [/font]
Budget is within 9000.
Generally its just me and a passenger, but do need to be able to take another 2 people sometimes.
I do go camping a few times a year, so the space in a focus is good.
Mainly town driving, but do get a bit of motorway and country lanes.
Have found out that I can afford the insurance on a focus RS mk1, so its looking like a winner, but not sure about what I need to look out for when buying one.
How well built are the fiesta ST's?
[font="Century Gothic"]For the Focus RS all you really need to do is find out about its turbo, ie has it been replaced or still the original. Genuine parts could be a bit expensive as it being quite a rare car now.
Have a look at this link for buying advice on the RS and that should get you on track for what to look out for,
Fiesta ST's are built well same as any other ford.
As i said the boyfriend had no problems with his in the time he owned it, just the gear changing goes heavy sometimes (mostly when its hot weather) but its just something to do with the linkage needing cleaned and greased up again so nothing expensive/major. Its a common problem as have seen people online asking about it and a few people i know with ST's. [/font]
Cheers for the link, will have a look.
Will try and find out about the turbo, or how much it would be to fix if it did need one.
From what I've been told, just change the oil every 6k and it should be fine.
Will go have a look at a fiesta as well then.
no problem. hope you manage to find what you're looking for :)
I voted on the fiesta. Have always been a fiesta girl, my first was a mk 4 in a purply blue colour. bog standard bottom trim level. I loved her. Fiestas have this nak of being mary popping handbag on the inside. you can fit so much stuff in them without really realising it. But they are bundles of fun too. I currently have a mk 3 fiesta xr2i 1.8 and she is the bestest. similar principle to the old school minis really, small and powerful. I always feel like I'm actually driving smaller cars because they aren't much bigger than the people in them. Plus fiestas are so very park-able due to the compact size. plus if you like mountain biking you can definitely fit a couple of bikes with the back seats down if you fancy it (or at least you could on the mk4's and I don't think the newer ones are smaller...).

Saying that, I did buy myself a 56 plate focus, 1.6tdci a month ago. something more economical for me and the thousands of miles i do every year... still quite fun mind, but I think that's the ford way :)

I like focus better, bigger is better
fiesta zetec s diesel remapped :)

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