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Full Version: Whats That Noise?
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Hi All,

I have a 2000 mk1 Focus 1.8 Diesel that has started making a strange noise.

After the car has warmed up a bit when you accesslerate at low speeds there is a loud grinding boise comming form what appears to be the gearbox. This happens when gears are enguaged, but not when in nutral or the clutch is out.

What do you think it could be?

Thanks in advance,

you sure its not just bearings? does the noise increase with speed?
It could be the bearings, the noise does decrease with speed.

If it was the bearing would the noise still be there when not in gear?


If your still rolling and you take the car out of gear then yes. it could still be a gear though, do your own tests, get up to 70 and drop the car out of gear and coast for a short while - does the noise go away? secondly if you can get the front of the car onto a pair of axle stands (leave the wheels on, slowly start to accelerate the car and go through gears, does the noise stay or go? (same affect as a rolling road)

let us know the results if you can achieve this...

EDIT: PS, if you do get the car on axle stands, make sure you do onyl accelerate slowly, and gradually, you dont want to shake the car off the stands, equally make sure you chock the rear wheels and keep the handbrake firmly applied.
Turned out it was the wheel bearing so £35 later it's all good :-)

Glad to hear it! a small price to pay, but its resolved now!

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