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Full Version: Keyless Entry And Push Button Start
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Hello - am new to this particular forum but an ex member of the C-Max forum.

I have just bought a 59 reg Titanium which has the keyless entry and push button start system. I haven't yet managed to suss out what the spare (third, non remote) key does. When used to open the door I get the warning bleep prior to the alarm going off but can't fathom out how to stop the alarm. Also, is it possible to start the car after gaining entry using this key, as I can't do that either :blink:

Grateful for any advice.

do they not have the barrels at all on a keyless? I thought you at least had a barrel hiding somewhere in case?
There is a barrel , but you can only slide the key in , it will not turn , you can then Press the start button with the key inside , you have to do this before the alarm goes off.
The third key i assume is the master programming key.

there is a cover where the normal keystart is , you just flip it off with the key.

If i'm honest if i had the choice i would not have had the Key free entry and start , wife's driving me nuts either not locking the car or leaving the key inside all the time when she does manage to press the lock button.
Thanks very much for that info - the handbook isn't very clear about what to do.

I agree with you regarding the keyless entry. I find myself going back to the car (leaving the 'key' in the house) just to check it is locked! Nice car though :)

Lucy Akhurst
I thought it was for opening the bonnet lock.
Yes you can use it too open the bonnet lock, but you can also use the hidden key inside the fob to do that .
Found out that you have to unlock the doors before opening the bonnet otherwise the alarm goes off!

Nigel S
That's the same on all Focuses.

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