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Full Version: Mk2 Ka Boot Not Opening With Remote
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Apologies if this has been covered, my boot has suddenly stopped opening when I press the remote, the lights flash but then nothing, opens fine with the key in the lock and the remote unlocks the rest of the car as normal, just the boot release thing that's stopped for some reason.

I will take it to Ford to find out what's going on but really busy at the moment so thought I'd see if anyone on here knows what's going on.
If you put your head by the boot and press the button can you hear any clicking noise ?

Perhaps a wire has come off the release motor.

Yeah when I press the boot release button on remote there is a clicking noise, what would that mean?

Before it stopped working I had wedged a load of shopping in the back and it stopped since then so I must have knocked something/hit a sensor or something.

Is it easy enough for Ford to sort do you think?

Anymore suggestions/advice on this before I take it to ford? Just so that I have a an idea of what to say to them...

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