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Full Version: Fuel Filter On Mk 2.5 Focus
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hi anybody know if their is a fuel filter anywere on 2008 mk 2.5 focus 2.0ltr HE duratec manual gearbox, just wanting to know so i can change it at 100,000ks, thanks in advance ;)
will definately be one in a diesel and more than likely an inline one if petrol, although some cars do not come with a fuel filter at all in petrols only.

your suppose to change a fuel filter every 37.5k miles on a diesel although i do mine every service and costs less then a tenner for a filter and gasket from unipart.
[quote name='johnH' timestamp='1315638339' post='143539']
some cars do not come with a fuel filter at all in petrols only.

chances are there is a filter but its not a serviceable part as its part of the pump or inside the tank.

I wouldn't imagine the injectors would last long without one..

As John says, diesel filters should be changed quite regularly. on a diesel engine the filter should be in the engine bay..
thanks thought it might part of the pump ect and none servicable as had a good look around underneath around the petrol tank ect will just use some fuel injector cleaner ever second oil change to keep things ok, i use shell v power 98 octane but just incase cheers guys ;)

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