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Full Version: Clutch Worries
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how does this work then
hi gang,
my focus has developed a clutch problem,its been in car for 13 months and only done 8000!
garage says its clutch ,could it be low fluid? or master/slave cylinder.
it wont go into gear without a fight and grinds when trying reverse.cant drive it cos its a nightmare
anty advise?????
Hmm, I too would suggest slave cylinder first, or indeed the master cylinder. If these are faulty then it won't put the required force required on the release bearing to seperate the friction lining meaning it will create drag when selecting gears - which obviously will cause the clutch to wear pretty quickly.

If the clutch is so recent then I wouldn't expect it be on its way out so soon, however ultimately if the problem cannot be ruled out it might be a case of seperating the gearbox again and having a look.. which obviously isn't good.

Okay, can you see any fluid leaks? Look around your slave cylinder etc for clutch fluid, and indeed check the fluid level. If it's low I would have expected it to have air in the system by now which could create this problem, in that case you need to refil the fluid and then bleed the system, but that's really easy.

It's probably something simple, worst (very worst case) then the gearbox might have to come out as it could be your pressure plate sticking causing the same problem, however personally I think it's more likely to be as the garage suggested the master or slave cylinder or low fluid level.

Report back let us know how you get on checking the fluid level and if there's any leaks..

Hope that helps a little but :)

how does this work then
hi mate ,
turned out to be a couple of seals gone!!fixed for the price or a packet of rich tea biscuits,and am not joking on that one!!thanks for your help anyway

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