Mondeo Estate 1996 1.8 D 5-speed manual (Starter Issues

Postby aussie007 on September 13th, 2011, 2:43 pm
Hi all, I am new and in a bit of a bind, we have a 1996 Mondeo Estate Ghia, all is good till my starter went when in Luxumberg, replaced this OK, and away we went, visited all Europe only miss was the Clutch went 2-weeks ago.

Now I know a lot will grind ya teeth when I say.

Thats was in Portugal - No Clutch, car is not worth fixing, so drove from Portugal to here.....Ferry in France, YES no clutch as a ghia its a Hydraulic Clutch.

We started it via the starter motor.......all went well till last night...filled up with deisel, and hit the ignition...and oh - click......

Raining here last night so pushed it......slammed it into second and out...and bingo we stopped as ferry isnt till Thursday.

This click - click is the solenoid (This I know) the starter looks like new, thoe we have started many times at lights on it....however, I now see this: just above the starter area on the area where the block / head join close to the battery end, I get a smelling of burning wires, and a slight puff of smoke.....I hit the key and click / click//////and smell of wires sure.....Ideas???

Well, I tried to look, have not got tools with me, thought best to ask the Q? 1st.....

Any Idea? Please?

Regards Aussie, travelling in UK / Europe.....Regards Col.