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Full Version: Mondeo Tdci 130 Flashing Glow Plug Light
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It all started today i was driving along then all of a sudden loss of power and the glow plug light is flashing. It seems to kick in to limp mode as soon as the turbo kicks in.. there is a it of slight fuel leaking from injector #1 has been doing this for a while and has not affected the car before. The EGR is clean and no boost pipe leakage :S Any suggestions guys thanks
Were you in 6th at low revs and accelerated?
Im having the same problem. Flashing glow plug is engine management
I have had mine plugged in and checked on 3 occasions and its come up with nothing,
If you switch the engine off, it normally sorts it.
Injector rail is my mechanics diagnosis
Hi Tori

The matter has worsened, it doesnt matter what gear you are in.. as soon as you get that turbo to kick in... bam limp mode comes on and acceleration can make the engine cut out :S.

Iv got a good mate in stoke who can plug it in and his other mechanic is an ex van mechanic and with the engine being a transit, it could help?
Shrops aint tooo far away depending on if youre staffs or wales side!
Hello Steve,

Try the camshaft position sensor. About 15 on ebay. I had the same problem a few months ago, I would be driving along and then all of a sudden the engine would just cut out and the glow plug light flashes furiously at me. Unfortunately you can only turn the engine on and off so many times before the car doesn't start at all.

As soon as I replaced the sensor everything was working lovely.

Hope this helps.
I have the same flashing glow plug light problem that puts it into Limp Mode. Replaced, fuel filter, cam position sensor, fitted complete new EGR Valve (after finding heavy deposits of carbon inside)but this intermittent problem recurrs from time to time.
The glow plug light starts flashing usually just after start up, but pulling up and restarting usually clears the problem and the car drives fine. No smoke etc. The car has been into a Ford dealership and the OBD diagnostics reveal nothing. This instils you with confidence.

Is it worth going to a diesel specialist to rule out, fuel pump, injector or glow plug problems. Is there such a thing as recalibrating the injectors?

Car Mondeo 2007, Durarorq. 2.0 115bhp The cost and frustration is starting to mount up.
Hello steve, same thing happened to me, glow plug light flashing after having 3 mechanics look at it i went and had a diagnostic done and thats when they hit me with the bad news it was THE INJECTORS.....anyway 900 later all is fine and running sweet as a nut...touch wood...hope this helps
guys any up dates on how to sort this problem ?
my ford mondeo estate has the same problem , when i drive it and give it some gas the bloody engine cuts off and glow plug light come on (its bloody damgours) i have had it on 3 diagnostics machines and fault less . i went out again in it last week and it just would not re start so got towed to a garage = no fault , they changed the battery and fuel filter and now it starts .
but the glow plug light came on again when i drove it home , im getting sick of it .
any help from anyone would be great
I had the same problem on my 2litre ,took it to ford dealer and plugged it in ,was told the fuel filter clogged up, they quoted £90 to change it ,did it myself for £15 or so and 20 mins of my time been running sweet since
taz - done that will running bad when its not cutting out thanks

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