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Full Version: We Buy Any Car ? We Steal Any Car!
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[size="4"]Tonight, I thought to myself; I wonder how much my Fiesta is worth...

I am not planning on selling her by the way, I would never do that, I love the car far to much to sell her, but just out of curiosity, I thought I'd see what We Buy Any Car would give me, if I should lose my mind one day and decide to sell her!

Well, the car is as follows:

1997 P-Reg,
Ford Fiesta Ghia,
1.25 Litre 16 Valve,
76,600 Miles,
State Blue,
Rust on both rear wheel arches,
25CM Scratch on N/S rear door,
Apart from that, [i]immaculate.[/i]

I thought the quote would be about 300-400, maybe even 200 in today's market...

Nothing prepared me for [i]this![/i]


[left][size="4"]Good thing I'm not selling her, if that is all I'd get! :o

Thank God she is priceless in sentimentality! B)
The valuations are always low on WBAC - they have to be able to make a profit on the car when they sell it on, it's not a charity after all.
[quote name='DanGull' timestamp='1316206332' post='144415']
The valuations are always low on WBAC - they have to be able to make a profit on the car when they sell it on, it's not a charity after all.
[/quote]I'm pretty sure they could sell the car for at least £450!

£105 is just a rip off.

How do they sell the cars anyway ? Do they sell them in auctions or sell them to dealerships ?
Hi mate, that's so funny. £105 for a 97 Fiesta! I've just done mine and this is my result...


Late 2001 MK5 Fiesta Freestyle,
FSH to 90,000miles,
1.25 Zetec,
5 Door,
Grey Steel Metallic,
MOT until December 1st 2011,
Excellent condition except a split in rear bumper. No rust on arches etc & unmarked alloys.

Even going to a dealer we'd be able to trade in for better than that!

I'd be interested to know how they sell their cars too? Are they auctioned off or sold with a warranty etc?

i would get 3675 for mine lol, i would guess they would sell them to auctions if the value of the car was below a certain level, dealerships arent interested in cheap cars generally as they end up being more hassle than they are worth.
Mark M.K
8,150.01 for mine, which aint too bad! Goes to show what type of cars they are after. I know my car is worth more, but for them to take it off my hands with little questions asked, the 8k aint a bad offer.
I deal with this company on a weekly basis,
Decent cars they sell via Carcraft....
Over 7 years old, or 70k they sell on a fixed bid auction in manchester.
Trade only, but you can pick up a bargain!

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