hi, im after sime advice, ive got a 1999 1.8 55D Escort van non turbo.

the seats were worse for wear so i bought some used seats out of a standard escort. ive bolted then straight into the van but the new seat on the drivers side is height adjusted electrically. since the seat was two low to adjust it a little bit higher i wired the seat up to the battery just to adjust it....but now its got me thinking of wiring the seat into the fuse box so it can be adjusted anytime. but i was wondering if anyone knows the best way to do it. weather its best to take a feed from another circuit( and which one to use) or to create a new feed from the fuse box, or what size fuse to fit to control the seat. i thought it might be a simple job sice there isnt really any electrics in a van.

any advice would be great.