Hi gang:

Recently my beloved mondeo had a little accident with a stupid truck. The car had to be put on a cat d :(. I just sold it and the person wanted to get it all fixed and use it again on the road (since it was only the bumper that need to be repaired/changed).
Now I have moved on, but not to a completely different car. A car that is using the mondeo's 3.0 engine. I bought a Mazda Tribute. The V6 on that is really powerful, good torque and its a 4x4. It shouldnt have any problem with the engine since its a Mondeo engine.
So I have to say Goodbye to you all, but I miss my Mondeo. I do miss it so much :(.

I am so happy that I had your help all these time when I had minor problems with my Mondeo.

Wish you all good luck and treasure your Mondeos!!