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Full Version: Fiesta 1.6 Zetec S (2006)
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Hi everyone,

I am just new to this forum and i need help!!!

I want to buy a new fiesta, i worked three jobs over the summer and saved 4500, i am sure it would be the sensible option to buy a 1.25 or 1.4 zetec but i would love the 1.6 zetec s model. Now i dont want to be atupid and get this car and realise its expensive to run, when i google the fuel consumption compared to the 1.4 zetec there is not a huge difference, i have also checked with my insurance company and that doesnt go up too much.

So i basically need to now if they day to day running of the zetec s is going to be too expensive for me (tyres, petrol ect)

Thanks guys

FYI i am a student with a part time job!!! haha
My 05 zetec s on a full tank will give around 300 miles, this seems to be the same no matter how I drive the bloody thing. Tires are around 45 quid each for decent ones.

Hope this helps.
Hi, welcome to the forum!

I have my own anniversary zetec s and i get around 37mpg depending how i drive it can go down to around 35mpg or upto 43mpg on the motorways etc. Fuel prices can vary depending where you go. Up in Aberdeen it can be an in the middle price of 131.9 to 136.9 being about 50 odd pound to fill right up from an almost empty tank!
Tyres will last a good while if you get a great enough set. I had new front ones put on at the beginning of the year and still above the legal limit, same with the back that just got changed in summer.

I myself am also a student and manage to run the car no bother. Just aslong as you remember to set aside fuel money etc and not spend it all! :)

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