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Full Version: Changing The Original Radio
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Hey Guys,

I was looking into changing the factory fitted (triple deck) radio in my '03 Fiesta to an aftermarket one. But there are a few thing I dont understand;

What kind of fascias do I need? And what kind of adaptor cables will I need? Will my steering wheel remote still work with an aftermarket radio?

Any help would be great!

Hi and welcome to the forum

First of all, the fascia's - you will need a fascia just to fill in the hole that is left after you whip out the old stereo, you should be able to find them generically on ebay, its just a case of slot it into the big hole and fit your stereo into the little hole! simples :)

As for the wiring, you will probably need a wiring adapter loom, just to conver the connections from Ford to Aftermarket. As for the remote controls on the steering wheel there is a hit and miss chance they will work. If the stereo is setup to allow them and you can plug them in then you stand a chance, however the way these controls work is by sending a signal to the stereo.

i.e. Volume up - "DOT DASH DASH DASH DOT" however there is no guarantee your stereo will interpret that as volume up but could be channel up, or another change...

Dont be surprised if you find that they dont all work, but equally theres a chance they all will :)
My friend has just had this done to her fiesta after she asked me for advice on it!
As jeebowhite said above you will need a new facia like this.. but im sure you'll find ones cheaper on ebay. Or for an even cheaper option just neatly cut out the two horizontal bits of plastic off and smooth the edges.
Also the adaptor for your stereo if its a single din..
And your steering controls should still work with the new stereo if it says that its steering wheel control compatible, but you may need an adaptor. Some newer stereos come with the adaptors that you need for changing your stereo over to a new one so check your box and see what cables you have etc.

hope that gives you some idea on what you need to do :)

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