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Full Version: Stowage Compartment
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I have a ford streetka luxury 03, my alarm decided to activate after 10 settings of setting it, took it to a garage and they have told me that the fault is with the stowage mechanism (the button you push to open the compartment where the roof goes). They ordered the part in for me but the part was not the same it had a small button on mine but this was not on the new one, the mechanic rang them (bristol street motors) and they stated that they upgraded this on the 2004, the only way I can have this fitted is to have a complete new wiring loom I cannot believe that this part has been upgraded and now it is unavailable, the only way I can sort this out is to pay out for an alarm to be fitted as having a complete new wiring loom will cost a fortune. Just wanted to know if anyone else has had this issue and how did they resolve it can aanyone advise where to get the correct part from.
The stowage compartment seems to be the single biggest reason the alarm going off. I don't understand why it actually has to be alarmed!

But it is normally because it has not been closed properly. It needs equal pressure on both sides at the same time. It can look closed when it's not.

Might be worth checking out before spending money.

Thankyou for your reply.

The garage have told me that the mechanism behind the switch has broken.

I have had a mobile mechanic out and he has confirmed that the alarm sensor inside the lid is broken, but ths is very expensive to repair so don't think I will bother.



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