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Full Version: Mondeo St220 - 6 Speed 53 Reg
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Hi Guys and Girls

I've owned my 53 reg ST220 for about 2 and a half months now and generally I love it!!!! Yeah I know it's quite thirsty but thats the price you pay for driving an awesome car

Unfortunately, in the last few weeks, I have started to lose power at 3,500 rpm when the engine is warmed up and have driven for approximately 45 mins. When cold, it's fine. I can accelerate through the gears with no problems and within 15 mins I'd be on the dual carriageway cruising at 70mph. Half hour later as I'm approaching work traffic builds up and I slow down and It's a bit stop/start for the remaing 5 miles. When I then get along the half mile straight to the office, I'l put my foot to the floor in second and I begin to lose power at 3,500rpm. I'll knock it up to 3rd and the same thing happens, 3,500 rpm and it's slowing down. RAC reckoned it was because the clutch was on it's way out so I forked out 950 to replace the clutch and flywheel. Following day the same thing happens. Unfortunately I lose all power, the car struggles to idle and It just dies. Managed to start it up after a few mins and then I breakdown in front of a garage. The geezer there reckoned it was the ignition coil pack. He fits a new coil pack and changed the spark plugs. Everything was fine for a few days but then 2 days ago the same thing's starting to happen again!!!!!!

There is an issue with the fuel pump where if there's under a quarter of a tank of fuel it'll take a little time to start up. Apparently this is fairly common (true or false???)

I'm already 1500 down and I can't really afford to spend much more!

I don't wanna sell the ST but fear I may have to. Can anyone shed any light on what the hell's wrong with my car?!?!?!?

Thanks in advance

Not as helpful as I had imagined !!!!! :o
The mk2 suffered with heat-soak in the IMRC modules which stopped the secondary butterfly valves opening at 3500 rev, but i have not come across this on the later models.
mr pompey
sounds like it could be the injectors,
best thing u can do is book it into a ford garage, and that will defo show up any faults,
I say dude......

have you looked at the exhaust and mainly the catalyitc converter......if it past its best , it will play havoc with the running of the beast big time;-)..

my escort si had the same power loss at 2,500rpm and six months failed
If the CAT fails wouldnt it show on the emissions test for MOT?

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