Ok so starting on the interio, I didn't want to do to much, But want to look nice. First thing I did was unscrew the gear stick knob and unclip the numbers with a small screw driver and sprayed mine silver (car is black), leave to dry, clip the numbers back on and screw it all back on. A few days later I did the plastic surround on the floor. Also easy in screw the knob and slide off the gateor and plastic. Using long nose pliers undo the staples and remove the gateor down over, and spry and opset to go back on. And to day I did the hand break handle, hard to do tbh, need a hair dryer use hot setting heat the under neth of the handle till burning hot and using a bit of fours pull it off, then spry and just push back on DO NOT REHEAT. I am tempted to door pokets dunno tho ideas please

Thanks David