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Full Version: Some other dudes music
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Dont you hate it when you have to listen to someone elses taste in music at traffic lights? All windows down blaring away… Surely it would sound better with the windows up right?

It's one of those really annoying things but some people would argue there's no problem because it's their car etc.

I agree with you though, it always seems like I pull up next to a right chav at traffic lights (I'm not stereotyping - but most of the time the car etc is very chavy) and they'll have the same sort of music blaring in their car as they would on a phone while they walk through town.

I love music and I listen to it a lot while driving, and my taste is really varied. But when I'm listening to Tupac or Immortal Technique I'll always turn it down a little bit at traffic lights or when I stop, but that's because I feel embarassed sat in my little girly MK5 Fiesta listening to loud rap music - I know people are probably looking at me thinking "Look at that chav in his Fiesta listening to his chav music" lol :D...

That's just my opinion though :)
lol, I agree it is annoying, I blare my music when im on a motorway, or on empty A roads, but not through town... Thats just weird... ;) lol
i would feel a prat anyway.. because i think other look like prats when they do it.

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