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Full Version: Any Advice/hep Would Be Appreciated.
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[font="Verdana"]Hi all,

just a quick forum about my new car i just bought yesterday.

i have just bought a ford focus zetec 2.0 litre 3 door petrol(dont think you need much more info, ask if do) and i took it for a test drive but never really got the chance to try out its welly/speed properly as it was all 30mphs in the area. Well whenever the car is on be it idle, revving, driving the lot it always has this whistle like noise coming from the engine bay. i opened the bonnet to take a look myself, i heard that the belt was making a racket but nothing much more than a belt ever does if you get me so i swore to myself it couldn't be that. I got on the floor and just took a listen underneath the car and it got louder, its like a hissing/whistling noise. i am wondering if its leaks, pipes or maybe its never had its air filter cleaned out. I'm an average joe when it comes to cars so those with best knowledge i would love some advice on what to do. i thought it could be air problems because in the car if i turn on the fans to cool/warm the car up even just on setting 1 its making a air blowing fast sort of noise (kinda like air being rushed through a small hole) dont even ask about turning it up to number 4 it sounds like a fighter jet whistling past![/font]so i assumed air problems tbh.

another thing thats very noticeable is for a 2 litre its bloody sluggish at times. espically when im doing around 40+ and want to overtake a lorry or car on motorway it seems to take an age to boot it from 40/50 to 60/70. i had a 1.6 petrol before that seemed nippier, and just got rid of a titanium 1.8 tdci and that was always nippy even in 5th gear on a motorway!
for it to feel so sluggish i am sure there has to be a problem because a 2 litre petrol should be very fast.

any help would be so so appreciated. i will try my best to do things on my own but advice is good too as i would take it to a ford garage or so so to leave the job to them.

many thanks! i think i have explained it okay enough. i apologize for the long post!
It could well be that the car has not been serviced properly or is in need of a service. I found that most used cars I have bought have only had an oil change and nothing more. It is very likely both your air filter and pollen filter need replacing. Its also likely your fuel filter has never been changed, and I would also check if the oil filter looks like it has aged.

The 2.0 should have plenty of grunt and after ensuring the filters are new, it may take a little time for the ECU to adjust to your style of driving.

Good luck with the car and I hope it turns out to be a reliable and enjoyable one for you.
I agree with BTmaldon, you need to do a thorough service on the car, I would also check the main hoses and make sure that the hoses are not cracked in any way. I would also check out the pumps and make sure none are corroded in any way. A bit of time spent underneath and a thorough servicing will help.

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