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Full Version: Changing Drivers Side Mirror
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Hiekel Essterol
The drivers side mirror has become really unstable at the pivot point after being hit by another car. I have ordered/bid on a used replacement from Ebay.

Its the manual version. What is involved in changing the body coloured back of the mirror as the one on the current mirror is fine and I want to fit it to the new one when it arrives?

Take off door trim, remove the inside cover (where the ajuster for the mirror is) behind that should be about three screws holding the mirror on, take off mirror, and the fitting is the reverse, you can reuse the coloured mirror cover so that it matches
Hiekel Essterol
How easy is that rear cover to change over? Is it just a case of slipping a screwdriver in between the cover and the mirror body?
Yes just pull it, it is only pressed on, dont forget to take the door trim off, it so you can line the cover up

I did this before I removed the car. I hope this is a bit more detailed and easier to follow (no disrepect alz, just it might help to clear things up a little more :))

1) Start by removing the wing mirror cover, slide either a flat blade screwdriver or old loyalty card between around the edges of the coloured mirror cover and just pull away, it has plastic clips so work carefully but with the confidence to remove the part
2) bare in mind that if you are buying any "aftermarket parts" - anything that does not clearly specify "OEM" on it - that the part may not fit, for example the one I bought, if I wanted to use my own cover, I would have had to remove the large clip in the botton left corner closest to the mirror housing
3) Open the door, and remove the plastic moulding with small holes from the innermost part of the door, a small screwdriver and a firm but gentle pulling back of the cover will remove it.
4) you will then have to start taking some of the other mouldings away, as there is one that goes down the side of the door, so again remove the small screws / bolts and gently prise away (one will go up as far as above the window)
5) locate the elelctrical connectors, and just pull them apart
6) Start removing the larger bolts, I believe a 14mm and 10mm bolts that go from the door frame into the main body of the wingmirror - remove them all and the mirror should fall loose
7) remove and replace with the new mirror, start by screwing in the largest bolt and then the remainder of the bolts from there
8) plug in the connectors and test the motor works and you can move the mirror remotely before continuing
9) once you are confident that everything works reinstall all the bolts and secure the mouldings back in place, folding the rubber mouldings above the plastics.
10) reinstall the first plastic part that you have removed

I wish I had taken photos at the time but I was more peeved off with the idiot who wacked my mirror off living just a few doors down, and driving away leaving me to foot the bill... lol

I hope this helps a little more...


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