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Full Version: Mondeo Broken Help Needed
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Hi Guys

I am in need of a bit of urgent help with my 55 plate 2 ltr 115psi TDCi

My car conked out today.

It started fine and drove to the first set of traffic lights and then when I went to pull away there was no throttle and just clouds of smokes from the exhaust.

I called out the RAC and when there guy connected his computer there where no error codes stored.

I have been recovered home and double checked the error codes with my reader and again there are no error codes stored

Anyone got any thoughts on where to look first before I take it to a dealer which I would rather not do, for obvious reasons.

The RAC Guy did suggest trying the TDC Sensor but the one he had on the van was the wrong type for my Car
Anyone got any thoughts on this,

Thanks in advance for any help

mr pompey
clean the egr valvue, and then see what happens, still have trouble then put another post up

Thanks for the reply

The EGR Valve was Cleaned out and blocked of some months ago.

I have now had a chance to change the TDC Censor and that made no difference as well.

you say you got clouds of smoke, what color was the smoke, black blue white?
Its difficult to say, it was not White but sort of very dark grey

sounds like an injector or turbo seals problem,also check all the rubber pipes for splits.
Thanks for the replies guys

Injector problem

The trouble is the car won't start, and if one or even 2 injectors have failed the engine will still try to start and an error code would be produced eg ( Injectors out of knock threshold or something )

Turbo Problem

Again the engine would still start with a turbo failure and again an error code would be produced eg (Low Flow through MAF)

Its starting to look like a Lack of Fuel (Pump etc) problem

Or Lack of Compression (Timing Chain Jump etc)

The main problem is the lack of fault code and every garage I have phoned so far have all been stumped buy the lack of fault code. Looks like basic diagnostics are no longer part of the Mechanics Training. Too much reliance on Computers.

I have now had the car towed, hopefully the repair bill won't be to outrageous
Hi guys

Just a quick up-date

Had a call from the garage today, and its not good news

The inital fault was diagnosed as a Broken Cam Chain Tensioner, add to this a cracked head where some of the rocker carrier bolts had ripped out. still no damaged valves.

Estimate for the repair

About a grand


Still no wonder there was no fault code shown.

Still wondering if its worth getting fixed or scrapping, trouble is I have just spent £800 on a new clutch and DMF

Hi Guys

Is there no end to this

It has now been decided that its best to change the engine rather than repair the old one.

They have located a 2007 engine with 40k miles on it

The bill now will be £1300 all in

If I had not just spent £800 on a clutch and DMF I think I would have called it a day, hopefully thatís the last phone call I get from them until its all done.

You cab swap the DMF and clutch to the newer engine.
Yep, I got the Garage to swap the Clutch and DMF over to the newer Engine. I just hope Mr Clutch parts are as good as I got 129k out of the last one.


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